Loving and being loved in a relationship feels well. Ok, what am I saying…

The feeling goes beyond just GOOD, let’s stick with wonderful. When you’re in a relationship with someone you love everything feels great, so much that your love hormones (oxytocin) flows all over the place. The flow is so powerful that every sweet talk or unconscious gesture from him makes your legs feel like jelly.

But then love and loving in a great relationship isn’t just about physical chemistry or going out on numerous dates. It actually takes a lot more work than the movies made us believe.

Relationships aren’t all roses and glorious, they are challenging and with life’s reality getting in every now and then. You need more to keep it fresh and going. As passionate and sweet as his kisses are, here are sure intimate things to connect and bond with him on a different and wonderful level;

1. Holding Hands

Just as you both start to relax in your love nest, holding hands comes in naturally. It brews new chemistry between the both of you and keeps the old fresh. Even if ignorantly you don’t regularly entwine your hands with his, then start practicing that today. It could be while watching TV, running in the post office for a book of stamp, reading a book or driving a car.

Always feel the need to reach out to him, to search and hold his hands. If you two are serious about each other, your relationship and want to take it to the next level, holding hands must come naturally too you both. You don’t always have to put to your mind into it if it comes naturally.

2. Going to Sleep Together

This is strangely romantic and a great stress buster. Sleeping together skin-skin, whether it’s full-on spooning or just touching toes, can have great benefits on your relationship. Hitting the sack together will give you both a sense of security, satisfaction and bring you closer to each other.

Snuggle up to each other, have your ankles crossed, hold hands or just touch each other in whichever way you both are comfortable in while sleeping.

3. Shower Together

Having a bath together as a couple is a perfectly sexy gesture. Allowing your partner to wash up your hair, soap-up and sponge your back for you while you do the same for him. This simple gesture of washing up does well to relieve each other’s stress because it‘ll have your oxytocin flowing in the right quantity. This whole experience can get as sexy and intimate as you want. Remember you’re going for intimacy and closeness, so you don’t have to blow it off the rooftop.

4. Cook Together

Cooking is one activity I’ve found to be therapeutic. It’s totally OK if you can’t cook but being there in the kitchen with your partner can kindle the spark any moment. You could use this intimate time in the kitchen to discover each other’s favorite colors, movies, places, cuisines and ideas on something.

5. Letting Go of ByGones

Yes, of course, every relationship has its ups and downs, so fights are integral to every relationship.

I think that’s why it’s called a relationship, and you are in it with a human being not a piece of furniture from IKEA. As much as we might like to think that its only people that irritate us, we sometimes in some levels irritate other people too. You both are two different individuals in this boat and your perspectives are bound to be contradictory in one or many ways.

So, when you fight, be reasonable. As hard as it might be, try to also view thing from your partner’s perspective, never in the world dig up a past fight and bad events just so you can have an upper hand in the fight.

Digging up past mistakes and fights can be damaging to your relationship, so if you’re looking to keep your relationship sweet, intimate, fresh, and long-lasting, let go of bygones.

6. Being a Good Listener

It really feels good to be the TALKER, the one talking about how she feels and what she wants all the time.

But the question now is, have you considered giving your partner the same privilege of just hearing him out? Using my experience as a pretty good listen than a talker, believe me when I say you connect more with people when you lend them an ear than when you’re always the one doing the talking, plus you discover a lot of things about them when we hear them out.

Now transfer this to your relationship, you’ll be a winner. Probably the reason why your relationship is stuck is because, you’re not giving him that chance to vent out. For a change, be a patient and selfless listener and see for yourself how close you’ll get him to stick to you.

7. Write Note to Each Other

No matter what you do, never let this fly out of the windows in your relationship. Sometimes it could be a full-page letter, something simple on a post-it, a text message or something as bold as a note dropped with a lip-stick on the mirror. Whichever method that seems fancier to you, use it.

You won’t deny that there’s something rare and special about having a hand-written note addressed to you from someone who means the world to you. It literally brings a sweet smile up your face and lightens you up right from the inside out. So you should make it a point to leave notes or text messages behind for each other.

You can be as creative as you want on this, slip it into each other’s pocket or bags, get out of your way to post it to their address (office or home address), and if you’re living with them, post it back to your address and have them collect it. Seriously try this and watch your relationship sparkling.

8. Do Silly Things Together.

Come to think of it, love is about being yourself and comfortable with your partner. To achieve this you’ll really have to let go of your inhibitions and find peace in keeping each other company. Doing fun thing like the favorite games you played as a kid will certainly build intimacy and make both your lives interesting.

You won’t believe how fun things could get till you try both your hands on a pillow fight, play truth or dare, a hide and seek game or  game of monopoly. This will reveal to him how comfortable you are around him and how much you’re willing to open up to him.

It’s a great intimacy builder.

9. Get Out of Your Way to Surprise Him

It mustn’t be something spectacular or out of the ordinary. It’s enough as long as it unexpectedly puts a smile on their face. It could be running errands for them (especially when they think you can’t do that for them) or anything to build excitement between you two.

Sometimes you could go out and come back with their favorite candy or ice cream just because you love watching their face light up with sheer happiness over something so small. Your gift and surprise to him don’t have to go over the rooftop just to make them happy.

10 Motivate Each Other

Nothing is better in this world than a partner that sticks right with you in the dark and sometimes the only energy you need to get past some tough times.

Motivate each other into fitness, clean eating, and a healthy lifestyle. Motivate them to chase their dreams and fulfill their aspirations. Not just motivating them but sort out ways to help them achieve that. Go out together to achieve that which you’re motivating them into. This will build closeness and ensure that you both are on the same track. To top all that you get to spend time together motivating each other.

11. Be Unprecedentedly Honest

Never put lids on your secrets, fears, dreams, goals, failures, and flaws. Being vulnerable and opening up yourself completely to someone else is one of the scariest things in the world to do, but it’s also why you feel safe and intimate with your partner more than anything else in the world. Letting your partner see through you to see that part of you that you’re ashamed of, hidden and sucks helps them know that for sure you trust them well enough to open up that part of you.

Romantic dates are good but never filtering what’s really on your mind improves intimacy with your partner.

12. Ask His Advice or Opinion on Something

Every man loves to feel like a man in every relationship they’re into and there’s no better person to help them achieve all that than you. Ask for his help, opinion or guidance whenever you need it.

Let him be the one that comes to your mind when you’re confused, feel crappy and directionless. Of course, he might not always have the answer but having him know how important his opinion and advice is to you is another game-changer.

Ok, those are my list of intimate things to do with him to bring the two of you closer and improve intimacy with your partner. What are your own rules to get closer and improve your intimacy with him? I had like to know, so go ahead mention them in the comment section.


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