Cheating PartnerLiving with a cheating partner or having to deal with infidelity is one of the challenging problems faced in a relationship and the cause of broken relationships, homes and hearts, of course.

What keeps ringing in your head, why do men cheat? Well, a lot of men are immature, lack self-discipline and are often selfish. They can therefore lie and keep secrets without remorse or regret, as long as it gets him what he wants. Some of them don’t have experience in committed relationship, sometimes; they don’t seem to know how hurtful their actions can be.

Not that us women don’t cheat. In fact, women are catching up to men in infidelity. But notwithstanding, men are still on the high side when it comes with cheating.

Ending a six-year relationship was a bit painful. Well, it wasn’t the end of the world, I embraced my feelings. Shock, agitation, fear, pain, depression, and confusion are least of what I felt. I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster for a while but I practically got over it.

Sometimes, you might have put so many efforts to it revive intimacy and the fire in your relationship and it still not workings

As a girl in a relationship, you have to know when to end it with your cheating partner; because you deserve better. Here are some of the signs you need to end your relationship now;

1. Pissed at Every Slightest Mistake

So your partner wanted to cheat, and the brain got him thinking, he has to get her angry so she wouldn’t check on you or suspect you for anything. That’s smart and also wicked. I could remember always thinking maybe I’m toxic in a way that makes him so cold and suddenly mean over a slight misunderstanding. He was just looking for an escape point, and I always give it to him.

At this point, you take a pen, paper and write down what happened, and examine yourself to know if you might be the reason for the sudden misunderstanding, and if you are, it ok to apologize.

But, if you are not, he could be looking for some time off to himself or an escape junction in your relationship.

When he starts arguments with you, especially if it’s over something really simple, he could be looking for an excuse to get away from you and towards someone else. Of course, you’ll begin to sense a bit of arrogance and cockiness over a tiny argument.

2. He Becomes Forgetful

Did your partner forget your anniversary, or birthday or some important day date? If you’re one of those that think, it doesn’t matter, well it does matter. It shows how much he knows you and has you in the heart.

I met my boyfriend on Feb. 6th, I don’t forget, he didn’t initially until he started having mixed feelings, and then he started becoming forgetful.  “Oh baby, I’m sorry. It was work. Or sorry babe, I went to the site, I had low battery plus signal, I couldn’t reach you.” Yeah right, I know. The excuse goes on and on if you allow it.

Sometimes, this is one the signs of it, but you also need to know when he is stressed out at work or too busy which might prompt him to forget. But in this case, there’s always a sign of remorse and an extra mile of love to prove that he was truly sorry.  It could be pizza dinner or wine drink or even other things that read the love signs to you.

3. Communications Withheld

This part is so annoying especially if your relationship’s intimacy is on communication. You talk about everything together like you’re his secretary and he’s your personal assistant. Coming home every day, he is eager to tell you about his day, his troubles and problems, meetings and how his tomorrow will likely be.

In communication, you share a part of him, and he shares a part of you. But when, he begins to act like a big boy all of a sudden, and then he is talking to somebody else.

Sometimes, he might want to communicate to you but he feels if he opens up, you might read through him and find out he is cheating. So less-talking is always the best approach when he has something to hide from you.

You can start a conversation, to see if you get him to talk to you, and if it doesn’t work, DON’T COMPLAIN! Allow him. Wait to see if it’s just a phase, and if it isn’t, find a much calm way to talk to him about “not talking to you”.

4. Secretive and Overprotective Over His Phone

It gets worst here, he starts becoming more private with some strict boundaries.  Sometimes you begin to wonder if you both are just roommates. He puts his phone on a new password every day, and won’t miss to take it to the bathroom just for a second. I caught mine more than once deleting text message threads and Facebook messages before I was able to use his phone when mine was down.

Let me not start with, the sneaking out to answer calls at night and sometimes closing the door just to answer a call during the day.

5. Starts to Care Less

Everybody loves being pampered especially the girls and we love it best when it comes from our men. When you love someone, you just care, either for their health, wellbeing, you’d go an extra mile to protect them or display the I-Care-for-you symptoms. I think it’s natural with us.

But when it always seems like you’re the last person on his list. Or you seem to always try so much just to get his attention to look at you, or notice your presence. In the end, you feel you’re in a sort of competition or feel threatened about losing him to someone else, like a bit of insecurity (this could be always because of the situation he puts you in especially if he is a flirt or the guy-for-the-women).

Part of being in a relationship is that you care, nurture, and respect each other’s needs. But when you often feel, it’s always one-sided, girl, you’ll need to think about the EXIT button.

Ok, that’s it…

Have you noticed one of these signs? Or do you suspect that he might be cheating on you? Damn girl, it’s time to sit down and evaluate your relationship. I know it sucks having to end any relationship and you might try so hard to convince yourself to stay in the relationship to avoid confrontation or hurting the other person or yourself.  But a healthy and fulfilling relationship cannot be built on a basis of pretense, mistrust, and suspicion or you’ll be setting yourself up to be hurt and broken in the long run.

If you’ve caught him cheating on you; I have a question for you, Is that a relationship you want to be in?

Only you can decide when to call it an end… But, no lady can endure her partner cheating on her, even if it’s an open relationship, you’ll feel awkward about it. Don’t forget, I’m always here if you really need my assistance….

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