Blog Audit

Blog Audit is literally like getting oil in your car or practically changing it just to make your car run smoothly.

If your blog bounce rates are very high or perhaps it isn’t converting visitors into subscribers and subscribers into paid customers, then it’s time to let me checkup and audit your site to know your site isn’t performing the way you want it to

Blogging can be overwhelming especially when you’re new at it. It sometimes feels like you’re turning into different directions that you can’t even see where you need help you know you do. Shesuncaged Blog Audit is here to help you straighten out your blog vision, clear the confusion to help you reach your blogging goals.

Basic Audit ($25)

Basic Blog Audit includes:

  •  A thorough review of your blog (which includes dashboard setting, layout/presentation, ideas for freebies/optins to offer, improve traffic and other overlook stuffs to make your blog reach your expectations)
  • Impactful and quick fixes for your blog
  • Extra monthly Blog Audits at a 10% discount rate because I really want to help you through it regularly.

The Fixer Blog Audit ($65)

Not really a tech person? No problem!

With this package, I’ll help you fix or adjust any minor problems like basic SEO issues, basic blog settings, connecting opt-in forms and email services.

Custom Made Blog Audit ($100 and Up)

New to the blogging world and completely lost on this whole blogging thing? Are you in need of a whole blog set up and didn’t have time to do it yourself or too busy to make the necessary changes after a blog audit? Let me help you with the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate and take care of your other business. Price varies based on the level of work you needed to be done.

*The Blog Audit and write-up will be completed within 48hrs of purchase.


Pinterest Services

Basic Pinterest Audit ($15)

A little confused about Pinterest? I can help straighten out the confusion. I’ll review your Pinterest account– Profile descriptions, Board names, Board descriptions, Pins and Pin descriptions and provide a written feedback of areas that need improvement and the changes you’ll need to make.

Fixer Pinterest Audit ($39)

Don’t have the time to make the necessary fixes to your Pinterest account? Virtually borrow my hands help you take cares of it for you. I’ll make the necessary edits to everything presented in the basic audit.

Graphic Design

Graphics are at the core of online marketing. They’re the first thing people see when they visit your website and social media accounts (I call them eye candy!). You only have few seconds to make a good impression and in those seconds it’s either you’re catching and keeping attention with your graphics or you’re not, there’s no in-between!

So give your audience STUNNING GRAPHICS that grabs and keeps their attention.




Pinterest Graphics


Facebook Graphics


Blog Graphics


Twitter/Instagram Graphics

Social Media Graphics Packages:

10 images for $70

5 images for $40


Use these custom made website graphics to introduce yourself! Website graphics gives you a great opportunity to showcase your business/products and layout your general brand message. How long and well you make an impression on your visitors determines if they’ll be sticking around for a long time (as both customers and as fans).

Website Headers

Website Graphics Packages:

1 header image for $50

3 header images for $100

Ask to check on other website graphics not list here.


Brand templates will give your website, social media accounts, fonts, colors, and style a unified look. I’ll look at your website, social media accounts, colors, fonts and style to create a template that will be the foundation of future images. Brand templates have one purpose and that’s to keep your graphics consistent with each other and with your branding.


Template Package for one platform starts at $100.


Have any questions? I’m right here. Simply tell me what you want and I can get started


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Yes! I want to create stunning graphics for you.