Do you know how many hundreds of times; I want to give up on myself? Yeah, uncountable times! And the annoying part is that giving up is so very easy.  

When you find yourself in a tight place and it seems everything is going against you; you’ve lost it, and it seems like you cannot hang on for minute longer. But, that’s the time, you ought to hold on tight and never give up because trust me, that’s when the tides are about to turn for you.

What’s life throwing at you that make you feel like giving up?

You don’t feel like writing.

You don’t feel like sticking to any weight loss routine.

You don’t feel like you have any great ideas and you don’t feel like you have enough time to make good ideas great.

You just don’t want to get out of bed… You seem tired, discouraged, vexed out or just feeling like you’ve lost that propelling force and energy you started with.

If you ever think you at some point feeling like giving up or lost your purpose, then you could use some grit today.

Here’s what you try to remind yourself when you feel like giving up…

1. Go Back To ‘WHY’

You started with one vision in mind and with time it started diminishing and started moving so away from it. And you end up, with losing interest and questioning your decision and actions. Everything starts with the “WHY”. You started your daily routine to look healthy or be healthy or you started writing for people to read your stories. So get back clarity “YOUR VISION”.

And every once in a while, revisit your big “WHY” and keep a track on it till you achieve it.

2. Your Mind is a Suggestion Engine

Our mind is a landing point for all kind of thoughts – negative or positive. That is, it’s left for you to process and determine which thought you give room to. So remind yourself that whatever thought you have is just a suggestion and an idea, not an order. Whether your my mind is suggesting that you feel tired or it’s suggesting that you should give up or suggesting that I take an easier path; It doesn’t matter!

The truth is that, if you can take a moment to pause and listen deeply, you’ll discover your mind is also suggesting that you’ll feel very good about accomplishing this work once it is done. It’s suggesting that you’ll achieve your body goals when you stick to that healthy routine.

But the problem is that at that moment you’re just looking to the side for whatever voice that’s ok with what you’re feeling.

Just remember, none of these suggestions are orders. They’re merely options. You have the power to choose which option you follow

3. Learn to Feel Uncomfortable

Whatever discomfort you might be feeling, it’s OK! Just maintain perspective. Your life is good but not meant to be easy and your discomfort is temporary.  Allow yourself to step into this moment of discomfort and let it build and strengthen you.

Your life can’t be more difficult than people who lived years ago that killed to eat and built their own house. But, we whine about forgetting our iPhone charger or meeting up with an official report.

All you need to do is to remind yourself that things will get tough and it won’t always be roses so you can get your mind prepared for whatever that comes your way.

Remember its darkest before dawn; this thought will help you hold on when things seem difficult or you find yourself at the lowest point with your motivation.

4. You Will Never Regret Good Work Once it is Done

Raise your hand up if you’ve ever felt good after work well done? Yes, I have!

But often it seems that we want to work easily at work worth doing.

We want our work to be admired, helpful and respected, but we do not want to struggle through our work. We want our stomachs to be flat and our arms and thighs to be firm and strong, but we don’t want to grind through another workout.

 Of course, we want the title after the final result, but not the failures that preceded it with achieving the title. We want the gold, but not the heat from the refinement.

Everyone want the glory of receiving a gold medal. But, very few people want to train like an Olympian.

The starting point is always difficult to begin but when you begin it’s always worth finishing.

And even if you sluggishly do it, you’ll find yourself feeling so good after the hard work was done.

Remind yourself that you just have to show up and have a minimum amount of courage to do the work, which, becomes your victory worth celebrating for.

5. This Is Life

Life is a summary of a hundred thousand daily battles and tiny decisions to either tough it out or give it up?

Our life is on a balance between giving in to the ease of distraction and overcoming the pain of discipline. And the truth is that our life is defined in this delicate balance.

Of course, there’s a moment when you don’t feel like doing the work. But, that’s not a moment to be thrown away. Whatever, the weakness you might be feeling, carefully remind yourself that this moment is your life as much as any other moment. So, you can spend it in a way that will make you proud. If giving up, is what’s going to make you proud when it’s Ok, but if not, get up and live the life that will.

Remind yourself of your victories when you feel overwhelmed and tired and want to give up. The things you have achieved, you have learned and the steps you’ve gotten and obstacles. Remember and reflect. Then appreciate, celebrate and move on.

So, what should I do when I feel like giving up? Don’t give up!

You don’t have to be at your very best. And it’s not for you to judge yourself either.

Life’s already hard and I don’t blame me or any other person who thinks like that… we’re all facing obstacles and SO DON’T­­­­­­­ ACCEPT DEFEAT!

Always remember to breathe whenever you feel stuck in life, revisit your goals and make some changes. Because a simple change and also a time to breathe can dramatically put you back on track for more wins.

remind yourself when you feel like giving up

5 Comments on 5 Things To Remind Yourself When You Feel Like Giving Up

  1. Great post! These are things I will definitely keep in mind when I feel like giving up. I think remembering my “why” is super important, as well as thinking about what it feels like when I have worked hard and reached my goal.

  2. This is beautifully true! It can be hard to stick to an exercise routine but I found once I found the time of day that worked best for me, exercising became relaxing and something I looked forward to.

    I love finishing a good piece of writing; there are definitely no regrets, and the feeling of finishing something is wonderful, even if it took a little while to complete. This is life!

  3. Wow! A very well-written and inspiring post. It reminded me to revisit my goals and to tackle the daily battles. Life can be challenging… but we need to keep going and NEVER give up!

  4. This is a great post! and definitely something I need to read right now 🙂 this has really truly helped me so thank you!

    Ashleigh x

  5. This is such a beautiful and helpful post! Sometimes it seems like giving up is the only and easiest solution. Getting back to that “why” is so important as it makes it a lot clearer.


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