Ways to be happy as a single woman

Oh, I’m single and happy. I know there are so many ways people say it but as a single woman how would you describe yourself? Would you call it sad, boring or perhaps lonely? Well, to me, it’s comforting… And I’ll be the most terrible liar if I think I need a man to be comfortable with my life and who I am.

I know what it feels like to live in our world today, where there’s social pressure to be in a relationship or settle down at a certain age, I would say at 25. Well, I’m closing to that age and I know for a fact it’s not easy but I won’t allow anybody to make me feel bad.

It now seems like we’re gradually becoming what the society wants us to be because it takes courage to defy the pressure of being single. Marriage is a beautiful thing but don’t get into it out of pressure. If you rush in, you are likely to rush out.

To the single girls, that’s still waiting…

I want you to know that you’re so beautiful, bold, brave, loved, wanted, cherished, desirable, amazing, precious and valuable. I want you to know how strong you’re as someone who is single and waiting whether by choice or not.

Maybe you’ve always been single or maybe you’ve felt that no one is interested in you, wants you or never have been asked out on a date. it could be that you like someone but they’re not giving you any sign of attention or affection, let alone their time of day, or you got out of an abusive or toxic relationship and your heart has been broken uncountable times.

I know your pain, your joy, the ups and down and the rollercoaster of emotions you experience. Well, you’re not alone, and I experience them too.

I know there’re days and times you adore your freedom and enjoy being single- If you want to hit the road and go on a vacation, visit a friend, and have some personal real time alone. Take some time off and fee yourself, sit on your couch and watch some Netflix movies or some 90’s chick flick in bed.

I know sometimes you feel proud of yourself, being single and independent makes you that big chic, giving you the best feeling ever.

I know that there’re days you feel unbelievably lonely. You feel bored, isolated, and invisible, left out, uncared for and sometimes ignored especially among your female friends and colleagues…

I also know that you’re being hopeful; for the right partner. And I know you’re OK being You but there are things you can do now to be happy, reinvent and prepare yourself and be ready for the future you desire;

1. Don’t Stay Bad

I know you’re having a rush of emotions, and desires and wished things are bit different. I know there’re times you want to come home to someone or have someone just listen to you, cuddle and just hold you. And it’s okay to have a day every often when all you want to do is just cry.  Yes, I know all that and it’s normal too. You’re a human with blood flowing through the veins, with feelings and emotions, but then, please don’t stay there.

Don’t allow yourself to be subjected to a life of perpetual sadness or disappointment. Get outside, walk, distract yourself and get something doing.

2. Beware of Nice Guys

When your emotions are on the rollercoaster, you’ll just begin to notice a lot of nice guys trying to reach out to you. The kind of nice guys that seem to get things right but the truth is that you just don’t have feelings for him but needs a rebound guy to feel better.

This is the kind of guys that we sing “Hallelujah” for and see as “Miracle from above” especially when you’ve been waiting for such miracle. They are the perfect gentleman you’ve been searching, seeking and praying for.

If he asked you out, believe me, it’ll be difficult to reject or say NO.

Even if you don’t, people around you may be mounting pressure on you or attempting to convince you to have a rethink. Because on the other side, there may be no logical reason to decline his proposal or turn him down.

But sometimes all that glitters are not gold.

At this point, you have to understand yourself and be OK with where you’re at right now. So that when you’re ready to take the next step, you’ll definitely know.

3. Be Ready to Accept Rejection

Well, let’s face it, Life isn’t perfect, getting rejected once in a while is part of being alive. In fact, we face it every day to get better at our game. When you’re rejected, it’s to let you buckle up and be better at what you do. Rejection is not failure; it is not bad luck or a curse. So, don’t believe you’re flawed or negatively different if you don’t have a partner yet.

Chalk your bad dates and rejections as experiences and add them up to your resume, and look forward to new potential and a new day in your exciting and adventurous life.

4. Define your Relationship Standard

At this time, you’re alone, comfortable and happy with yourself; you’re becoming aware of yourself, and on a self-discovery mission. You’ll have to find out what you want or need in a partner or in a future relationship. Take some time out and make a list to be certain on all the things that are most important to you and the ones you’ll be willing to be flexible on.

5. Don’t Settle For Less

You’ve been disappointed or rejected once or twice and you feel like you have to settle? NO! Don’t yield to those negative thoughts and settle for less than what you deserve. There is always someone out there that is going to come into your life when you least expect it and sweep you off your little feet.

Being a single woman doesn’t mean you have to settle for leftovers. But, you have to know what you want, communicate it to people around you, say it out loud and put the universe on notice so support can come back to you.

6. Pray

Do you believe in God? If you do, just pray. God listens to everyone and so he definitely knows what’s best for you. When so many thoughts come crawling, you can pray to believe again. If to be single is what’s best for you, I want to believe, it’ll become your gift and all you’ve to do is to explore this gift to understand your life’s purpose and manifest your goals. But, if definitely there’s someone (I know there is meant for you out there, he’ll definitely come at the perfect time.

Single Woman

Just remember, your aim is to be happy while singly waiting and searching. And as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters. But if you ever find yourself struggling with the decision to be single, remember your big victories, success stories and all you’ve accomplished independently and how many more left to do with or without a partner in life and BE HAPPY!

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