Ever heard someone recite to you how super important exercising, eating right is and how you should always indulge in it? Yeah, I hear that a lot.

The thing is that long hours at the gym together with restrictive and boring diets are tough to actually stick to in order to lose weight. For some of us, putting off the gym could be because of our schedule, a lot of commitment and several other chores that make it feel nearly impossible for us to work out. Our budgets might also not allow us to attend spin class every morning and nosh on organic foods and green juices.

Amidst all the hurdles, we ladies still like to keep our bodies toned, keeping the extra annoying fat away and shaving off those love handles.

Sister the struggle is real but fortunately, there are awesome and really simple weight loss hacks you can implement daily to solve your problem areas. Their small steps towards your weight loss goals which I promise is effective, and super easy (No worries about hitting the gym or running your heart out which would have been fantastic if only we don’t like getting toned the easy way).

1. Drinking Lemon Water

Drinking plenty of water on its own is vital for weight loss and health on a general note. But adding sliced lemon rings or squeezing in the juice directly into your glass of water and sipping on it early in the morning and throughout the rest of the day will help rid your body of toxins. Apart from the flavor boost, lemons help our system absorb water faster and speed up metabolism. I take my lemon water warm in the morning (4:05 am) and super chilled during the rest of the day. If you find sipping lemon throughout the day boring, infuse your water with berries or orange rings.

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2. Use Small Plates

Naturally, when using big plates, you’d want to fill it up and there’s a high tendency that you’ll munch off all the food in it. Eating with smaller plates can trick your mind into thinking that you’re eating more since food portions look larger on smaller plates than the big ones. Now your mind thinks you’re eating more with actually less food portion on the plate, limiting the number of calories you take in each meal.

3. Add Cinnamon to Your Meals

I came in contact with the hunger suppressing wonders of cinnamon by accident. I was actually looking for a way to add extra flavor to my morning oats one beautiful day, I didn’t feel the vibe for my usual morning banana, berries, and vanilla flavored oats. Soy milk was my next option but then I saw cinnamon powder lying around.

Actually, I bought it for a face mask recipe. Boom!  A teaspoon of it went into my oat filled bowl. When well stirred, I ate that morning and didn’t feel hunger pangs throughout that day. Really didn’t catch cinnamon as the cause of not being hungry an entire day till I took the oatmeal and cinnamon breakfast the next day.

It was amazing and since then I haven’t stopped using my magic powder. Even when I absolutely hate the taste of it in some of my meals, but since the result is what I’m always after, the taste stopped being a problem.

If you really want to see some pounds off, add some cinnamon into your pastry, toast, beverage, and dessert or make tea with it. Cinnamon flavor can be a bit overshadowing in some meals and super pleasant in some other like pastries and oat. Just use sparingly or as much according to your taste to help you feel full for a longer period of time and also help you avoid overeating.

Cinnamon for weight loss

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4. Prep Meals Ahead Of Time

Getting your meals ready ahead of time is a huge favor you can include in your lazy weight loss plan. An hour of planning your food ahead of time can save you a bunch of temptation of grabbing and eating what you didn’t plan for. Always schedule out time to plan and write down all the supplies you’ll need for grocery shopping and make sure you stick to it.

Prepare your meals in batches and pack each in the freezer or refrigerator (depending on the nature of what you made), making it super easy to grab whenever you feel hungry without getting tempted with some other out-of-the-plan options.

5. Cut off Sodas and Other Sugary Drinks

Just like the wonders of avoiding white bread and processed sugar can do to your waistline, cutting off sodas and sugary drinks can deliver such fast wonders to your waistline.

Instead, if sodas and sugary drinks, go for plain citrus or other fruity infused glass of water. Apart from the health benefit, it’ll help achieve your weight loss goals.

6. A Glass of Water before Meal

Drinking a glass of water before each meal helps keep the track toad for the troops well hydrated. It also helps for easy digestion, absorption of food nutrients and also makes you feel full super fast on a small portion of food.

7. Never Skip Breakfast

Don’t know if you’ve heard how disastrous skipping breakfast is. Well, it’s true.

Skipping breakfast leads you to binge or overeat on your next meal of the day. This I know isn’t on any lazy girl’s diary and also doesn’t support the desired reduction we want on our waistline. It can also lead you into making a bunch of other bad decisions throughout the day.

Eating high protein breakfast like egg white, oatmeal, lean meats will leave you feeling full till the next meal.

Weight loss Hack breakfast

That’s my simple breakfast of beans and sweet corn pudding with honey. This comes handy when I feel a bit lazy to make my usual healthy oatmeal.

8. Practicing Mindful Eating

Practicing mindfulness requires you eating without distraction, TV or cell phones. Studies show that multitasking or being distracted while eating leads us into consuming more than necessary. So while eating turn off the TV, put down your phone or perhaps eat in the kitchen or at the table. Don’t make the mistake of eating on the go because you’ll be less aware of how much you’re eating and when you feel full. Distractions will only sabotage your weight-loss plans.

9. Eat While Sitting Down

Compared to taking your meals while standing up, sitting down to eat your food can help you consume less and fewer calories. Sitting down while eating help you chew your food more, pay attention to what you’re putting into your mouth and feel more relaxed while eating which helps inform your brain faster when you’ve hard enough. You also tend to make healthier food choice since you’re not on the rush.

10. Sip on Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with antioxidant which helps to boost your metabolism, making green tea the healthiest drink out there. Make it a habit to fix yourself a few cups daily for a great result.

11. Out Of Sight Is Out Of Mind

A study showed that if you have a bowl of candy right on your desk, you’ll eat much more than when it’s six-feet away. This makes sense to why many of our food choices come as a matter of convenience. So instead of having a bowl of candy or a jar of cookies on the kitchen counter replace it with a bowl of fruits.

12. Bulk up Your Meals with Veggies

To hack your weight loss goals, incorporate lower calorie foods like veggies into your pasta to make it look like you are eating more food but in actual sense, you’re eating fewer calories which equals to you losing the extra pounds.

For more health benefits, add veggies into your soups or blend them into your smoothies. You can get a bit creative by making noodles out of your veggies with spiralizers. Just about anything to bulk up your meals with veggies.

13. Walk Everywhere

If you can’t seem to squeeze out time to go to the gym or workout, touch a few extra calories by choosing to walk as much as you can. Skip the bus and walk to work or try taking a walk around the office at lunchtime. Walking helps strengthen your muscles which aids your body burn fat better and more.

14. Get More Sleep

Studies show that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, a slower metabolism which leads to an increase in obesity and diabetes. To help keep your waistline slim without too much effort or the dreaded leg workout at the gym, try clocking in a few extra hours of sleep daily.

More sleep, on the other hand, help your body repair its cells and burn fats from performing tasks like this.

15. Avoid White Bread and Processed Sugar

While in the Uni, I once indulged in a diet where I didn’t eat white bread or anything with processed sugar for two weeks. Looking back, I can surely tell you that white bread no matter how good it is sandwiching it with tuna fish, eating it with orange-mango jam or a spread of butter (or whatever sweet things that tickle your taste bud) is very harmful to your waistline.

In those two weeks of no white bread and processed sugar, I went for natural and whole food substitute. The pounds were falling off like scales off my body, lost a total of 10 pounds in two weeks. Since then staying off processed sugars and white bread became my fastest route to weight loss. I took salt off the menu too.

Hope you love these tips. If you have other tips that help you lose weight without going to the gym or putting too much effort, let’s see them rolling on the comment section…


6 Comments on 15 Quick Weight Loss Hacks Every Lazy Girl Should Know

  1. These are great tips! I love cinnamon but never thought to use it as a weight loss aid before. I also found increasing my water intake aided my weight loss – I’m going to try lemon water to see how it tastes 🙂

  2. Some great tips here, I’ve started prepping meals before hand and loading them up with veggies and its been super helpful! I will have to check out a few more of these tips, thanks for sharing!

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