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Signs To Know When Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Living with a cheating partner or having to deal with infidelity is one of the challenging problems faced in a relationship and the cause of broken relationships, homes and hearts, of course. What keeps ringing in your head, why do men cheat? Well, a lot of men are immature, lack self-discipline and are often selfish. […]


Painful Ways Emotional Abuse Can Change You

Sometimes we can be abused emotionally, just like physical abuse. This is just the type of abuse we face that is underrated. In fact, it now seems OK to experience emotional abuse because we don’t get hurt physically. And sometimes people fail to understand, that our emotions can affect our physical health and change us […]

Simple Living

Undeniable Benefit of Living a Simple Life

Life was meant to be simple but we go a long way complicating it with our insatiable wants and desires.  Simplifying our lives should be our decision to make for a better lifestyle. Living Simple means removing and stripping away the unwanted, unimportant and focusing your time and energy on the wanted and important. It […]

DIY, Home Decor

IKEA Kitchen Hack You Don’t Want To Miss

The kitchen is the center of the home; for many of us, entertaining and eating is done right in the kitchen, which means that not only do you want a clean kitchen for cooking. But, also a clean space to be comfortable and enjoy every bit of food you munch down your throat. These simple […]