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Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? If the answer is “Yes”, you’re not alone. Do you always find yourself in a position where you have so much to do yet you don’t know where to begin? I get that too.

Being busy is just the default of today’s living. From the moment we get up every morning, there’s always something to do, a lot of obligations and expectations, requirements and life’s goals pulling and stretching every bit of us to our zero levels of tolerance. And with the worst feeling that goes with being busy that most of us deal with every day, often without realizing its there- a feeling of time scarcity

At the end of the day, you’re pressured, overwhelmed, stressed. You fight and struggle with yourself and in some cases feel deprived of real happiness.

I know it’s often said that life is complex, stressful and overwhelming. But the truth is that life shouldn’t drain so much of your energy because we definitely have a life span to live. In that little time, I believe you ought to strive for joy, experience calmness, be happy, enjoy and cherish every moment on earth.

Most of the tips to overcome stress and overwhelm should always come after having a clear understanding that being busy should be a feeling. It should be a feeling; you can choose to feel because you’ll always have a choice of your own.

What is stress and where does it come from?

Stress can sneak up to you when you’ve found yourself in a demanding event that seems to happen faster than a speed of light. Instantly, you’ll go from feeling calm to completely overwhelm at a surprising speed. While sometimes, it happens gradually and you don’t realize how much stress is building up until you suddenly feel overwhelmed.

Stress is our body’s reaction to emotional and physical strain, stretch, push, pull and tension from your environment. It occurs when a person feels that the demands made on them exceed their ability to cope. Stress can be the main key for survival in life, but too much stress can be detrimental to your physical and mental health.

How to Overcoming Stress and Overwhelm

1. Feel Your Emotions

Do you remember when you’re down with period cramps? You can’t feel a part of your leg? You give all the attention to your body, right? OK, now, learn to respect and feel your emotions because they’re important too.

Emotions are powerful and entwined with our minds. They’re part of us, allow yourself to feel every bit of your emotions down to your soul without being judgmental or ashamed of them.

Fact is that you already have a handful of provoking things on your mind. What you need least is the addition of suppressing and judgmental voice arguing you shouldn’t be stressed. Because the more you set your mind to ignore and fight them, the more they make you feel worse by fighting back.

2. Take a Moment and Meditate

Meditation calms the body and stills the mind. It’s been proven to be that, it can reduce anxiety, reduce stress levels, sharpen your memory, and increase your focus. So, if you’ve never meditated before, just spend a few minutes, sit in silence and be calm.

Once you’ve been able to calm down, you should be in a better position to address whatever stressful situations you’re experiencing.

3. Reframe Your Situation

The purpose of meditating is to put you in a more calm position to take a moment and mindfully reframe the situation or challenge at hand so you can get a clearer version of it and how best to approach it.

Because sometimes we intensify our experience of stressful situations or challenge by the way we look at them.

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4. Prioritize and Start with the Simple task

Give thought to your life’s purpose and identify the life roles that are a priority in your life and start by figuring out what’s important and what’s not.

Then, you can prioritize the most significant things, and getting a few of the simplest tasks completed. This will shorten your terrifying to-do list, make your brain relaxed to feel like you’re making progress, and get you back in the flow of taking more action and getting more work done without causing tension and stress.

5. Cut Down And Postpone Anything that Doesn’t Really Need Doing

I know you’re feeling you have the solution to almost every problem and you’re the key to solve them all. That could be true! At this point, you’re really exhausted and at a point of breaking- so, you’ll need to answer some of these questions;

  • What really needs to be done?
  • How can I simplify my task?
  • What tasks complicate the situation or don’t add value?
  • What can you postpone for a few weeks?

If you’re sincere enough, you should be able to cross out a good chunk of your to-do list and feel relieved. Try as much as possible to cut down on things that put so much demand on you such as an exhausting work schedule or a rocky relationship.

6. Set Realistic Goals

It’s great to set goals especially when you’re on a self-discovery mission of finding yourself and knowing your limits. But, if you always aim too high when setting your to-do list for the day and inevitably fall short of completing it, you’re repeatedly left feeling like a failure.

And because you don’t want to feel like a failure, you subject your mind in unnecessary tension and stress. You should learn to cut the stress by mixing up your goals, roughly estimate how long each task will take to get completed and set ambitious but realistic goals.

Knowing your limitations and strength defines you in life.

7. Make Changes Slowly

Change is scary. But, the more we live, the more we learn to deal with changes and we learn to change one or two things about ourselves. A lot of things might feel so right now, but definitely will be out of place some months to come, and you’ll long to make a change. But drowning yourself in life to achieve these changes or life’s goals drains you and overwhelm your mind.

Just take it a step at a time, remember slow and steady wins the race. Just for any change, you’re about to make, find the easiest way to accomplish it. And the better approach is to slowly include them into your life one after the other.

Don’t Forget The Bigger Picture

I’m always finding simple way out of some stressful situations as it seems so easy to get completely stressed out about a deadline for a job, an unfinished personal project, the laundry pile, and any other obligation staring at my face.

I remind myself that only the best thing can come out of this to trigger my brain into feeling more calm, motivated and less stressed.

Don’t forget this is just one busy period, that’ll definitely pass. And it’s okay still if you don’t get through your to-do list in a day. There’s always tomorrow or the next. So, just sigh with relief and smile with a grateful heart and remember what really matters in your life- Happiness!

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  1. Good reminders. I especially love the thought to keep the bigger picture in mind. Some things are not worth stressing about if it’s going to affect our mood and state of mind for long periods of time. Thanks for this post!

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