my first blog post

I’m a sucker for new beginnings because it is always filled with opportunities, full of good tidings and good intentions.

Today HERBUBBLES finally kicked off. With a cup of sweet ginger and cinnamon tea at my side, hands on my keyboard thinking about what my first words, first blog post to you beautiful ladies should be. I’m so not a fan of grand entries but I have a purpose of bringing this blog to life and that is to help women bring forth their real light, and realize the importance of taking good care of themselves.

I literally love to encourage, inspire and empower women who have that deep desire to be more, that hunger to be heard, to be free, to conquer in life and design the life they want, on their own terms. Believe me, that is genuinely fulfilling and the real meaning of HAPPINESS.

This blog is born out of personal encounters, experiences and practical ways to get through each of life’s struggles and challenges. All of these are what we face every day, things we experience but lack ways to get through them.

Already feeling like I’m talking fancy!

In all that talk, I’m a human and certainly do not know it all, sometimes I get mired in fear, get depressed, and self-doubt too. I’m still learning and finding out new things myself but I do have good tips and tricks up my sleeve, which I will always be willing and excited to share with you on this blog. I hope to help you hack your way into a happy and healthy life.

If you fall into these categories of people who:

  • 1) Wants to discover their self-worth, boost self-confidence and overcome self-guilt.
  • 2) Achieve your dreams and create a better life for yourself.
  • 3) Have the passion to believe in themselves, follow their hearts and pursue happiness.
  • 4) Looking to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • 5) Triumph in all life’s endeavor

Then you are so welcomed to HERBUBBLES!

Here on this blog, we dish out Self Improvement and Care Tips, Weight Loss Tips, Health and Wellness, Relationship and Love, DIY and I’ll sometimes if not consistently get out of the usual context (I refuse to fit into a box or be caged!) just to ensure that you get all the goodies to keep you shining brighter than the diamonds.

I also have intentions of successfully growing and making a good income from this blog and so there will be some fully tested and trusted recommendations from time to time. If it is not fully trusted, then it’s never showing up on this blog.

As I’m  committed to bringing you the best of what I’m living and learning and keeping it whole-fully real, I hope you trust me enough to be your cheerleader on this journey and no matter your dreams or obstacles, you, my darling have the power to change your life and that of the world around you.


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  1. Congratulations girl, I anxiously can’t wait to get wonderful tips from you , it’s gonna be an adventurous ride ….

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