How To Attract YOur ManWhen you’ve decided he’s a keeper, you might want to go extra miles to attract and keep him. So it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time falling in love, or you’re in a long-term relationship but if you’re looking to excite and pique his interest, there are simple ways you can catch his eyes, arouse him, turn his head and stick it to your side for a lifetime.

Men, just like women, want the same thing, to love, be loved and cared for.

When it comes to impressing a lady, say what she wants to hear, and that’s settled.

But when it comes to impressing our men, it comes with serious education and learning. And trust me, flowers just aren’t going to cut it. Men think differently than women. And what impresses us doesn’t always impress them.

They often ponder about it. Sometimes, the unshy ones open up to their friends about it. All they’re trying to do is find ways to be better lovers. But that doesn’t mean they already know what they want in a partner and why they want what they want, figured out how to communicate their needs or how best to express their feelings. What if they say or do the wrong thing? If they bring something up, will they risk making you feel like you’re not good enough or worthy?

That’s the reason they just act like robots, ignore their feeling and end up saying nothing at all.  Just because they care more about what you feel than what they might be feeling.

Sure, every guy is different and will have his own personal set of likes and dislikes, but these simple gestures can help you make a big impression on your man and capture his heart for a long time;

1. Live Your Own Life

Before you met Him in your life, you’ve created your own life, you’re living it and you enjoy it. Maybe you had a great job to yourself or had something going on in your life. That’s it good.  Keep living your life just the same exact ways before you met him.

If you can learn to live your life to the fullest when he’s not there, you’ll have more good stories to tell him when he’s around. That’s why every man values a successful and independent woman.

Not only does it make you more attractive, but it takes the pressure off of him. Because when he feels like he’s the only one you come to for companionship, support, advice, – and everything between – it can become overwhelming and stressful (even though he won’t say it to you). Sure, he wants to be those things for you, but he also wants you to live your own life.

Have your own hobbies and group of friends you spend time with. Show him that you have your own things going for you.

Your man can only be part of your life because you have your own life to live and so does he. It’s Ok to ask him to join you, but learn to be okay on your own.

2. Allow Him Some Men-Time ­­­­­­­­­­­

I know you’re into him, and you want to spend as much time as you can together. That’s good! But, he also has a life too, just like you have your own life. And before he met you, he has other friends and families too whom he sometimes wishes to spend some quality time with.

So encourage him to go see his friends. Because, if you never allow him time to do his own thing, it can come across as controlling or clingy – even when you don’t mean for it too. And he might start sneaking and lying just so you don’t find out about it.

So let him know it’s OK to have fun with family and friends. Be sweet about it. He’ll definitely appreciate you for it. Besides, it’ll make him want to cut the night short to come back to you.

3. Take Out Time to Laugh

Don’t always put up a straight face; it only reflects you as a very mean person. So just laugh; it shows your fun side.

Sense of humor serves as an attractive signal and mental matchmaker between two people.

And part of learning how to attract men comes down to this: Can you make fun of yourself for the silly things you’ve done? Can you tease him about something silly he’s done? Humor makes awkward situations less awkward and light, and it gives you a common ground to connect on.

So laugh at yourself, laugh at him, and laugh together.

4. Be Confident and Know Your Self Worth

Having a boosted self-confidence is important when it comes to you, love. And there’s nothing more attractive than a confident woman who isn’t seeking approval from others to determine her worth. It has a way of reflecting all over her, that she is capable of handling whatever life throws at her.

Your self-worth is your inner valuation of yourself. It dictates how you treat yourself and how you respond to how others treat you.

5. Always Look Good

This one is simple, just look good for yourself and you’ll definitely impress him.

Maintain a healthy habit, spend some time on your hair, and smell good. Taking good care of yourself is just as much for you as it is him. You’ll not only look more attractive, but you’ll boost your own self-confidence.  And most importantly, you’ll be showing him the best version of yourself, and trust me, he would want to see it.

Dress to impress him, you mustn’t be in a Cinderella ball gown to make a statement. You can keep it simple; if he has a favorite sports or band team, casually work a jersey or band t-shirt into your everyday wardrobe. You’ll catch him once or twice steering uncontrollably at you. And that’s all the attention you need for sure.

6. Flirt With Him

Do you remember how crazy and in love you were when you met him? You know that amazing feeling of dating someone new – when you’re fun, sweet and flirtatious? Bring that back! It’s fun, exciting, and mysterious – especially if you’ve been together for a long time.

This part is just why most relations seem to hit a rock so soon.

Even if you’ve been together for years, he still doesn’t always know what’s on your mind. Flirting isn’t about learning how to attract men; it’s also about keeping them and the perfect way to show him you care.

Be a little creative; show him that you’re responsive to him. Always look out for simple ways to initiate intimacy between the two of you.

7. Respect Yourself

When as a lady, you respect yourself; other people will definitely respect you, even your man. And men commit to women they respect.

You expect and demand your respect back. And whoever feels he can’t oblige, should find his way out of your life.

A lot of gains come with building self-respect; you don’t settle for less than what you deserve because you have the full knowledge of your worth. You set standards that you enforce with your actions – like expecting him to commit, or making him put effort towards building a relationship with you – are just a few ways to show him that you respect yourself.

If truly you’re different, you respect yourself first and make it clear to him.

8. Show Interest in What He Likes

This is one powerful tip on how to attract men. It keeps you both bonded and draws him closer to you.

At this point, you should be able to tell what he likes. If you know, then show a bit of interest.

You don’t have to enjoy it, you just do it anyways. But why? That’s the moment you can connect most with him, and also prove you care so well about him.

So whatever your man is interested in: sports, cars, bikes, movies, and music, etc – show interest in those things. Whatever it is, enough of the “I LOVE YOU” and prove it to him that you value him through your actions.

9. Be A Spontaneous Lover

No one wants a boring relationship, and when it gets boring he goes out to look for excitement elsewhere. Of course, being in a relationship is pure hard work.

So you always have to look for ways to make the excitement come in often. Don’t always be predictable, always look out to spice up your relationship and embrace a variety of new things. Have a great bucket list of new things to try out with him, surprise him with a date night, or to a mini vacation to spend time together.

When you always having great tricks up your sleeve, you keep him where you want him to be. You impress and show him that you’re someone he can enjoy the rest of his life with.

10. Take Your Affection Outside

Are you confident enough to make a move on him? Show him! Give him the green light that it’s okay to show PDA in public.

It doesn’t mean you have to be all over him at the restaurant, but don’t shy away from being affectionate.

There are always simple ways you can show you care and some affections – you can hold his hands, touch him, and get close. Just a bit of assurance that you’re beside him, proud of him and impressed by him.

Guys usually won’t communicate directly when they want you to show more interest, but they’ll be happy when you do. And by showing him that you notice him, he’ll be more likely to notice you too.

How To Attract and Impress Your Man

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