IKEA Kitchen Hack You Don’t Want To Miss

The kitchen is the center of the home; for many of us, entertaining and eating is done right in the kitchen, which means that not only do you want a clean kitchen for cooking. But, also a clean space to be comfortable and enjoy every bit of food you munch down your throat.

These simple kitchen hacks will help you maximize your storage space and also allowing you to keep your kitchen organized. Creating enough space in your kitchen with this handy IKEA hac

ks will make cleaning super simple, easy and quick. When it comes to cleaning around the home, the kitchen is always my top priority. Well, this is because that’s where the FOOD come from and sometimes, where I do my eating. I believe nobody loves a dirty, cluttered and disgusting kitchen.

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Below is a list of 20 beautiful IKEA kitchen hacks which I hope will inspire you and give you the confidence to get creative and transform your kitchen;

1. Open Shelving

Photo: Lemonthistle

I love open shelves in the design of a kitchen and it’s definitely my favorite DIY. All you’ll need are brackets from IKEA and any perfect piece of wood from your favorite hardware store. Having an open shelve in your kitchen is definitely the latest trend in home design and you definitely don’t want to miss out of it.

2. Mid-Century Bar CabinetIKEA KITCHEN HACKS

Photo: The Vintage Rug Shop

It’s a very pretty cabinet, a must have in renovation and definitely an amazing hack for your kitchen. The bar cabinet by the Vintage Rug Shop was glammed up by an IKEA BESTA cabinet with the white High glass doors, Lews Hardware  Brass Knobbs, Vintage style wood table legs made this piece too cute to ignore.

The final product looks incredible, gorgeous and brings the vintage twist to your kitchen in a very easy way.

3. KALLAX Kitchen Island

Photo: Jenloumeredith

Considering the cost of Kitchen Island, this is a very affordable kitchen Island made with a KALLAX Shelving Unit and some KALLAX insert is just under $120. This kitchen Island is perfect for a small kitchen, its small enough that it wouldn’t become a hindrance yet large enough to fulfill its purpose as a place to store small kitchen appliances and also for preparing food.

4. Expedit Open Kitchen Storage

Photo: Ikeahackers

Looking to add a twist to your open kitchen, then this hack is right for you. Expedit storage makes it easier to see at the end all the stuff you have stored, like your plates and glasses. All though it’s built to be open, you can decide to add a little twist by choosing to close parts of the rack to suit you.

5. Dresser Turned Kitchen Island

Photo: Redbook

This is a super chic cart, a lifesaver in storage, especially in a counter space stripped kitchen. Glam it up with a set of wheels and some practical hardware, it becomes a real multi-tasker.

6. Grundtal Rail

Photo: SwoonWorthy

This is a glamorous touch to your grundtal utensil rail. All you have to do is to take the rails down, spray some paint on them, allow them to dry and finally put them back up.

7. Raskog Storage

Photo: Themerrythought

Who else loves the raskog storage? Well, I really do. This is one of the best pieces from IKEA with so many multiple purposes and uses. It can be used in every single room in a home but putting it to use in the kitchen is absolutely just awesome. It allows you to create an extra unit which is also on wheels, petite and portable making it a cook-friendly cart.

8. Copper Barn Light

Photo: Sarahblooms

You know how expensive lighting for a kitchen can be. But with this super gorgeous IKEA hack, you can have stunning lighting in your kitchen without spending a ton on lights.

9. Vertical Space Saver for Trash

Photo: Ikeahackers

Why allow trash and recycle bin take up your kitchen floor space, when you can stack them up with this super easy IKEA hack. All you’ll need is a BISSA shoe rack in 3-4 compartments depending on what you will love to achieve or your need.  Your trash and recycling bins will look neat and compact. The VARIERA bins are always a great fit for this cabinet.

10. Bar Cart Hack


Photo: SugarandCloth

I haven’t gotten over the gold details on this amazing bar cart. The bar is modern, light with a lot of color pops and mid-century twist. All you need in this hack is IKEA KALLAX bookshelf, shiny brass pull, caster, and screws, brass finishing washers then add some creativity into it.

11. Grundtal Wine Rack

Photo: Ikea Hackers

You love to drink wine and want to show them off? Then this hack is right made for you. You can show off your wine while occupying less space, organized and in a cleaner setting. This wine rack is built on an empty wall where they won’t get too much sunlight or heat by mounting a series of tiered grundtal (usually 12 pieces) together.

12. Hanging Nest Lights

Photo: Housebeautiful

Can you believe it? This hack is just $100. This is one stunning and unique fixture for the modern kitchen and dining room lighting. To create a pair of these beautiful lights, you’ll need to shred a couple of smaller NYMO shades with scissors into long thin strips then install the HEMMA or RATAN pendants to the ceiling as you would normally do and light them up.

13. Coffee Cart

Photo: Charmedcrown

If you’re anything like me, and coffee is just the thing that gets you up and out of the bed every morning then you have to try this hack. The amazing thing about this hack is that you can decide to add wheels and roll it anywhere you want even to your bedside. And it is worth it.

14. Kitchen Island + Dining Table

Photo: Ikeahackers

You need a dining table but have a small kitchen? Then this hack is a good fit for you. All you’ll need is a KALLAX shelf unit, CAPITA leg, OLOV legs, and TORNLIDEN table top. All this is estimated to cost $153.

15. IKEA Lack Side


Photo: Ikea Hackers

I have seen a lot of lack side tables in different homes but never can believe this lack side tables can be transformed into a kitchen island with wheels if you want it moveable. Another amazing thing about this lack side tables is that they’re extremely affordable.

16. Mug Hanger

Photo: Jessicademaio

The pallet styled rack turned into a mug rack and a hanger can help you to hang a lot of mugs, giving you the bohemian vibe you need. Not only is it affordable but it is also easy and a project you can start and complete in a day. This rack comes in handy when you’re saving and running out of cabinet spaces.

17. The Kitchen Stool Hack

Photo: Designsponge

This hack works so well in a small kitchen. You can push it neatly under a table making it a great space-saving seat. Just a perfect hack for when you need extra seating for a guest too.

18. Indoor Herb Garden

Photo: Curbly

this is one brilliant hack I can’t get over. just so brilliant that it was made from a wine bottle holder and glass cup. All you have to do is mount it horizontally and try sticking some pint glasses in there. And then plant some basil and cilantro in the glasses to make an indoor herb garden. Simple and absolutely stunning.

19. Rolling Kitchen Island

Photo: Clubcrafted

This rolling kitchen island is made from a KALLAX shelf, 4 casters, and equivalent screws — and is the perfect way to add a dining space (or a little extra workspace) to a small kitchen.

20. Bed Slat into  Hanger

Ikea Kitchen

Photo: Ich Designer

Who could have believed this wall hanger was made from slatted bed base just priced at $10?  All you’ll need is two wall hooks, to hold the hanger and the S-hooks to hang items on the wooden planks. You can go as far as putting your pots, a clipboard for recipes and a container full of cooking tools.

The kitchen can be one of the most expensive areas of the house to maintain, decorate and furnish. That’s where Ikea comes to help! Ikea is affordable but it can also be a source of amazing looking furniture. All you need is to get creative and turn your imaginations touchable

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