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The mind is one unique and powerful gift of God to man. I’m always amazed at how it works- one minute I have myself thinking, “Yeah, everything is going great! And the next, it’s like “Yikes, it isn’t, everything is falling apart” or “No, I don’t think I can do this.”

With all the thoughts popping up in your head uninvited, and automatically, it’s super easy to fall prey to negative thinking and mindset.

Getting drawn into a pattern of negative thoughts leads to unhappiness, depression and you become an absolute prisoner of your own mind and this affects the level at which you enjoy life. You never notice or experience the blessings in your world when all you do is focus and nurture your negative thoughts.

People try lots of techniques to break out of their negative mindset including distractions, drowning in their sorrows with alcohol and diversions, only to mentally beat themselves up later for still being stuck in their negativity. It can feel like a real internal war.

The mind is one powerful tool and with it, you can attract what you want or repel that which you don’t want. If you always think nothing’s ever going well with you, it happens that way and you’ll constantly meet closed doors but if you channel it into thinking, “All is well”, “Today’s is going to be the best”, it happens that way. That’s the power of the mind.

Yes, you can’t totally avoid negative thinking but you can flip the switch on your mindset and take it from self-hating and bulimic into a contagious optimistic frame. It’s all about awareness and understanding the patterns of your thoughts and with the few techniques below, you can really transform your negative mindset into the one filled with so much positivity.

1. Recognizing The Patterns Of Negative Mindset

Just like I mentioned above, it takes some level of awareness and understanding to tackle a negative mindset. Negative mind always has a repetitive, energy sucking and counter-reproductive thoughts occupying it. These thoughts serve no real purpose; rather it directly causes negative emotions and vibes all around.

Once you train your mind to identify and become aware of the negative patterns of your thoughts as they occur, that’s when you can start to have a choice or an upper hand on how to react.

Negative thoughts can come in the form of expecting or imagining bad things to happen or that nothing good is ever going to happen to you. For instance, you might fret about your career going down the drain or your health deteriorating, even when nothing has actually happened. You can let yourself stress on your financial future or on all the lack in your life. You become trapped in negativity when your mind casts itself into the future and conjures scenes about all that could go wrong.

Another pattern of negativity your mind constantly drifts into is self-beating and criticism, being harsh on yourself and always focusing on your weak points and perceived flaws. The one thing I’ve come to know about flaws is that as you’re all high and focused on it, nobody else actually sees or pays any attention to it unless you point it out to them. I call this “fault finding” and if you don’t quit locating spots and flaws in yourself, you’ll always extend such habit of fault-finding and criticism to others in your life. This issue can put tremendous strain on your relationship with your loved ones.

Ever found yourself ruminating on mistakes made in your past? Do you feel guilty and worthlessness over the wrongs of the past? Well, that’s a pattern of negative mindset to hinder you from creating the life you’ve always wanted. Nothing is negative about reflecting on your past experiences, that’s of course, how we learn and mature as people. But, negativity arises when you repeatedly dwell on a bad past situation without any intention of moving on or learning from it.

Other patterns of negative mindset include ruminating and exaggerating the problems in your life and also obsessing over all the things that you think you need to live a happier life. It can be super tempting to place your happiness on external things like owning the latest sports car, a house or finding the love of your life.

But, the math there is that if damages come to those things or maybe at some point the love of your life fails you, it hampers on your happiness and the circle goes on unless you stop your obsession and your constant wanting for more. More stuff doesn’t guarantee happiness but makes you uneasy and stressed if you don’t acquire all.

2. Avoid Negative People At All Cost

If you want to live a satisfying life and create a mindset that leaves you smiling from ear to ear, you should avoid negative people who regularly nag and revisit their problems over and over again.

Negative thinkers only make you vulnerable to developing a negative mindset. Surrounding yourself and spending time with positive and happy people instantly lifts your mood. Keep away from self-centered and toxic venting from others and keep away from doing so too.

When you’re trapped in a negative spiral, talk to a friend or people who you know would give you constructive yet loving advice, people who would help you put things into perspective and not those who would feed your negative thoughts.

Even in your work environment where you are sometimes stuck with a habitual pessimist, people who will find the negative side of life and everything. Believe me, you surely do not have to subscribe to their negative mindset or allow them to drain your positivity.

3. Never Sit Around Doing Nothing

Surely an idle man is the devil’s workshop. It’s easy to feel lazy and not want to do anything when you feel down, but, that’s the worst thing you can do because that’s when your mind starts digging through filths and negativity. The “Why am I so unlucky?” start popping out and you see yourself dwelling in it and ruminating right over those thoughts. You open doors to the feeling of fear and anxiety.

Sitting around doing nothing in your days of negative mindset only pulls you into deliberating on your fears, worries and your ‘bad luck’. Leave that couch of ill luck pondering and self-pitying and go do some laundry, clean out your fridge or organize your home office.

If none of the productive works are working, then put on your comfy running shoes and go running, exercise yourself, do some yoga or try meditating (You must be careful in this before you fall back into the case that you are trying to solve).

4. Listen To Music And Inspiring Audios

Listening to music does wonders for me each time I feel like I’m drifting into the negativity pit. I currently have more than 50 music albums on my smartphone. They inspire and cool me out each time negative thoughts starts creeping in. The reason I love music is that some of them don’t just inspire, they get you into the exercise mood.

Find and listen to audios, music, and podcasts that inspire and move you into greatness, positivity, and lets you know and understand how small every problem is for God to solve. Memorize some super good part and sing and say it out loud to yourself always. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear and infecting others with your positivity by the time you’re through. It works, like magic!

5. Read Positive Quotes

Inspiring and positive quotes bring light and instant hope to your dark tunnels.

Make sure you have inspirational and positive quotes surrounding you. Have them on your computer or fridge door, design your workspace with them, and have them on your mirrors and walls as a reminder to stay positive.

When you have your walls, mirrors, fridge doors, smartphone popping out wonderful and positive quotes, from experience it’s hard for negativity to cloud and take over you.

6. Replace Your Negative Thoughts With Helpful Statements

Changing a negative mindset is not always about pushing away your thoughts, true feeling and becoming overly optimistic, rather it is about choosing a realistic and helpful statement over the harmful ones.

This is because reflecting too much on unfortunate past events or imagining and worrying about possible doom in the future are strong causes of stress, depression, and anxiety. When you train your mind to always go on the positive side, you create mental space for your problem-solving skills to manifest and you end up seeing yourself come up with creative solutions you never thought of before in your negative spiral.

Whenever you notice a negative thought creeping up into your mind, you should try putting a lid on it with more empowering alternatives. Remember to list out the things you’re grateful about.

7. Ask Yourself If You Want To Be Miserable

The one purpose of a negative mindset is to keep you in misery. If you frequently fall victim to your own thoughts and emotions, it’s in nobody’s hands to help you because the negative mindset is a choice you make for yourself.

By holding on to negative thoughts, you’ve chosen to be miserable and unhappy. Frequently asking yourself, “Do I want to be miserable?” anytime unhappy or negative thoughts pops up amazingly puts your mind into the positive light. If you really value your peace of mind, then always aspire to cultivate uplifting thoughts.

8. Locate Where Your Feelings Are Coming From

Sometimes negative thoughts don’t just pop up on their own. Sometimes an occurrence is the reason those thoughts keep visiting you. Whenever a negative thought creeps in, ask yourself these questions:

What am I going through? Perhaps, are there some changes taking place in my life?

In asking yourself these questions you can really be able to know and understand and why you’re in a negative spiral or feeling the way you do. If the reason you’re in a negative dump isn’t obvious, then you really need to dig deeper to locate your reason.

9. Keep A Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal or diary can be your best pal when it comes to taming your mental demon.

In life there must be something or list of things, you’re grateful for. Get a journal or private diary where you can list out all those awesome things you’re grateful about and if you already have one, try as much as possible to visit and read it whenever you’re in a gloomy state. This helps a bunch and also helps to train your mind to see the good in every side no matter how small it is.

Reading this post I can read your mind saying, “it’s easier said than done” well, that may be true, but, is it possible or doable? Absolutely! It can be done but that’s a choice you’ve to make, whether to be happy or to be miserable. Create that dream life you’ve always wanted or be trapped in gloom and negativity.

As humans depending on the nature of the bad situations we find ourselves into, it can sometimes feel impossible to overcome or change negative thoughts but by constant practice and training of your mind on where to go and not to go will surely see you through.

It’s like building muscles. At the initial time, you feel sour, worn out and want to give up, like it’s impossible, but with consistency, you feel strong and can lift beyond 5kg weight. Likewise, with constant practice your negativity will be engulfed in a deep sense of peace, light and positivity and your whole life will be transformed right from the inside out.

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13 Comments on How To Overcome Negative Mindset

  1. All fantastic tips!

    I find it quite challenging sometimes to avoid negative thoughts but, I listening to music or an inspiring podcast is the perfect distraction.

    I’ve also stopped making myself so available for the negative people in my life and, have made a change in my career which has led to a hugely positive change in my lifestyle.

    Kate |

  2. Hi Debby. Nice write-up and nice site or vice versa. The mind is a constant battlefield quickly diverging from positive and constructive thoughts to negative and potentially destructive thoughts. I wrote a post on overcoming procrastination that dovetails with some of the themes in your post. The key for me is to plan, work the plan, stay the course and then evaluate. I’ve added your pin to my boards as inspiration to others. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Dwight Alleyne, developing the mind is a just a must if you can be able to control your thoughts. But of course, it’s your mind you need to be in control.

  3. Great post. Negative people can be the worst, they could bring a happy person down quite easily and it’s so easy to not notice the damage that they can do at first. You’ve shared some great tips and I will definitely take note to ensure I continue on my journey of positivity!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great post. Figuring out where the negative feelings are coming from is the hardest thing, isn’t it? You really have to deep dive into the why. And it’s never what you think it is. Thanks for sharing.
    xoxo Ros (

  5. Nice article!

    Number 7 is my favourite.

    It‘s so simple and it would improve so many things, but few people really try it and stay stuck.

    Nice blog!

    Best Wishes from Zürich


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