Sugar CravingSugar has a way of calling us and demanding our attention, unlike other food. And once we fall into that sweet temptation, we crave for more. This is what happens when you eat any processed food your body thinks is getting the nutrients it requires and needs but when it fails to get it, it begs for more.

Sugar is addictive when you start, it becomes difficult to stop. Sometimes you find yourself craving for brownie or ice cream after you’ve eaten dinner. It’s not your fault; it’s the sugar that actually got you.

I can’t end my day without feeling a little lethargic and craving for something sweet, my body wants a pick-me-up to get through the day especially when I‘m bored at work during break hours or at home. And when this happens, I’ll begin to mentally take inventory of my options and at that particular time, I’m giving in to sugar.

Well, the problem is sugar is in almost every food we eat especially in the usual processed food we eat. From bounty chocolate bars to soft drinks, to chips, to breaded chicken and instant noodles we buy from the store.

The truth is that most processed foods we eat that contain sugar are detrimental to our health even though sweet to the tongue. Of course, I know.

But, it takes not just will power to curb sugar craving but a real understanding of the dangers of this refined sugar to us.  Here are some of the dangers to our health

  • Premature wrinkles- Accelerate the aging process, reduces tissue elasticity and causes the skin to sag and wrinkle (I refused to be seduced by sugar, hope you’re with me)
  • Thrush
  • Skin irritations like acne or pimples
  • Diabetes and insulin resistance
  • Menstrual Irregularities- this goes to spike estrogens level of our body which have an impact on our hormones.
  • Increases appetite and fat composition
  • Weakens our immune system.

Giving up sugar was the best decision I made towards clean eating. It gave me the control I needed and helped me fight thrush. Once in a while, I embark on a 7-day sugar-free Challenge from the CleanEatingCouple, which makes me sane when a sugar craving strikes. Here are the healthy ways that helped me through; it’ll teach your body to stop wanting sugar:

1. Peppermint

I start my day by brushing my teeth with peppermint toothpaste. Peppermint tea also keeps my mind clear and focused especially when the craving kicks in. It also has an appetite suppressing power which is most effective at crushing sugar cravings. Just brew a double strength cup and sip it instead of munching in on a treat.

But, sometimes I feel it’s much of stress, especially during work days. So, I go with food-grade peppermint oil and add 5-10 drops to my water bottle to help me crush any cravings during the day while also keeping me hydrated.

2. Move your Body:

When you are bored, anxious or feeling a bit fragile, you crave for something sweet to eat, and most times we give in to the temptations.

So instead of reaching out to those granola bars, try going for a quick stretch or walk or stroll or jog or take a shower (when you’re at home).

Just find the activity that will redirect your frequency and distract your brains to take your mind off the sugar. And it’ll ease the sugar cravings your body is experiencing.

3. Green Smoothie

This is my favorite trick. Smoothies are delicious- just the right combo of fruits, veggies, ice, protein put inside a blender, absolutely yummy. When you add a little handful of fresh leafy greens you’ll get s sugar bashing recipe that your body can’t resist.

How does this work?

Green smoothies contain as much as 5 servings of fruits and veggies which often include fibers that come naturally with it. That is giving your whole body and system a threat.

Your body definitely needs the phytochemical that has some anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in green veggies you turn to a smoothie to function properly during the day.  So when your body gets a taste, it’ll definitely want more. Instead of craving for more sugary things you’ll begin to crave for more greens.

4. Eating Salad

Basically, I‘m not a fan of salad, I had rather throw it into the blender and make a chilled liquid out of it. But to combat sugar and curb sugar cravings, I started inducing salad into my main course or I make some healthy replacements. Eating a huge bowl of salad full of leafy green veggies, nuts, and seeds, avocado mixed with lemon juice or sometimes balsamic vinegar or olive oil keeps me full and hungry free, so there won’t be time to crave for any sugar.

The salad will give you a full feeling and healthy cravings that come with a green smoothie. There will be nothing to crave for if your body is full.

Sugar craving

5. Eat Enough Proteins

Protein naturally helps to balance the sugar in your blood.  Taking time to eat healthy proteins helps your body to be balanced and keeps you full long enough before another craving to kick in.

Whenever I take out time to prepare tomato stewed beans (which I enjoy so well) for breakfast. It keeps me full with no thought of food or craving for extra doughnuts, or chocolate bars.

You can keep boiled eggs on hand for a good protein snack or your regular healthy protein snack. You can always go with organic, grass-fed, free-range meats and eggs, add in extra legumes and nuts.

Quick Guide to put in all in practice

  • Get rid of as many refined sweets and processed food in your house as possible. If you live with family and friends who aren’t dedicated to healthy living, you can firmly declare your ground and ask their support in your sugar crushing-quest.
  • Stock your fridge with healthy snacks and fruits.
  • Plan your meals right out so you don’t get overwhelmed and decide to go with the usual available processed food.

Just to let you know, sugar cravings always hit the best of us, so don’t feel bad. And of course, it’s recommended that you’ll allow yourself some treats every once in a while.  Treats are necessary, but they should be planned and savored.

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