Do you feel at a place and “stuck” and you feel like you’re yet not in the position to make any life changes?

Life is beautiful, why waste it just by the feeling of being stuck at a place?

After graduating, I got a bank job at the e-channels department, in and out of the corporate world; I decided to start my own business, it wasn’t easy, and I was still in my 20’s.

I failed, of course. I went broke within months. I lost almost all my savings. I put myself in dire financial straits.

Today, I’m grateful; I’m a blogger and taking photography classes. Blogging started as a part-time endeavor but yes I’m enjoying it and yes it’s paying in. I look back at that disaster of a business venture and wonder; would I be where I am now if I didn’t take that risk?

Then I smile. I know my answer, “Hell NO!”

A very big part of being alive is making choices and those choices we make define or undermine us. Growing up, you have to choose your school, career or job, your relationships, your new house, that perfect dinner dress with matching clutch and shoes or some other things you might need in life and of course with time to allow us make some changes.

Although, change at some point might seem difficult yet it’s very important and needful. If left to us to decide and choose, most of us would rather carry on as we are. But if you’re holding yourself back from your potential, or if you feel stuck where you are, life is telling you it’s time to take a step and make the change you need.

Here are some reasons you are stuck in life;

1. You Don’t Believe in Yourself

 The worst form of undermining is the kind you do to yourself. Many people sabotage their own progress as a result of some limiting beliefs and fear of fear seated in their minds.

Trust that you can reach your expectation and get out of your comfort zone. Make a list of your strength and positive traits and don’t forget you are so capable.

The first step to believing yourself is to recognize your self-doubt and anger. Pay attention to the ways you react to situation then know how to reframe your mind and self-doubt.

Another way to instill confidence in yourself and abilities is to write down your past success, and read out some of your positive affirmations when you need proof that you can do things that are challenging and new.

2. You Have Negative Thoughts

 It’s very hard, maybe sometimes impossible, to achieve positive results from a mind filled with negative thoughts. This is just why negative mindset is terribly dangerous. What you think in your mind is actually what you’ll end up attracting and this is what becomes of you. Your mind is just the battlefield with thoughts and desires. You’ll need to decide what you want for yourself.

When you catch your thoughts turning toward negativity, stop yourself at that moment, pause to take a deep breath, remember what dangers you’re causing yourself (physically and mentally) and spend some time counteracting the negative thoughts.

3. Always Trying the same thing all over.

How can you be doing the same thing over and over again and still expect change or mind-blowing result?

It’s going to be more of the same result over and over again, well, until you get bored and decide to make the required changes.

Where can I start? You just have to find the weakest point in your processes and start making changes there.

4. You Feel You’ve Lost Control.

Being in control is just the tactful way to get unstuck from life because if you aren’t running your life, life will definitely run you over. Passivity can be a terrible enemy. So today start to take control and active charge in just one area and gradually expand it from there. Always remember, it’s you living your life.

5. You Ignore Problems.

Why do you ignore your problems? Ignoring a problem doesn’t really make it go away. Sometimes, you seem to take alcohol just to forget some of the problems you’re facing. Try to invest a bit of effort and energy into tackling with the fallout from your problems, use it to face what’s in front of you and work toward finding real solutions.

6. You Don’t Make Plans.

It’ll always be just a dream and an idea stuck in your head until you start planning to make it a reality. Find a little faith in yourself, start setting goals and work toward setting those ideas into motion. Make your ideas visible and touchable; let it be seen not just by you but by everybody.

7. You Don’t Take Action.

You know what to do? Good, but it’s never enough. To get unstuck, you have to start taking action. Set small, manageable and realistic goals every day and start building on those baby steps. Making plans is good but you’ll need to take action on those plans and you’ll definitely see your achievement and breakthrough within a while.


The Right and Wrong Ways to Get Unstuck

Back when I started my first business, I thought I had everything I needed to get “unstuck” in life. I had the capital and I had the manpower. Yet within a few months, I was broke, forced to close down and couldn’t afford my rent.

Looking back, I realized that while I wanted to get “unstuck,” I simply wasn’t prepared for the flood of changes and challenges that came with taking risks in life even though I thought I was ready.

The right way to get “unstuck” in life, I learned, is simply to be prepared and also be ready.

What are you getting ready for? Be prepared and ready for anything.

Even when you’re not getting any opportunities to get “unstuck” in your life, you’ll need to create that opportunity yourself or at least get prepared for when they DO come.

Here are ways to scale through without getting stuck in life

1. Let Go of the Past

Are you still thinking of the past events and unable to forgive yourself? The past has a way of getting us stuck- emotionally, psychological and physically. You blame yourself and others from things that didn’t turn out right or the way you wanted. Just know you can never undo the past but you can definitely change the future. Forgiving yourself is supper effective way of letting go of the past and moving on.

2. Change Your Perspective

Once you let go and release the grip of the past, you’ll begin to see life from a different angle, live in new ways and feel free to always make changes to your life. To gain a new perspective, open yourself to new people, ideas learn something new and spend some time alone and listen to your inner self.

All these changes will help you gain new and different perspective on future and what is possible.

3. Make Sure You Have Multiple Income Source

There’s a popular saying about not gathering all your eggs in one basket. This is life, anything can happen, there can be a spontaneous change with time, and when that time comes you wouldn’t want to be caught off balance.

If I had other sources of income not just my personal savings, I don’t think I would have gone broke and forced to close down a precious business I started. That of course thought me a bigger lesson, now I’m blogging, I’m definitely not looking to earn all my money from blogging, I make other plans that’s supports blogging. Different income source gives you to balance and confidence especially in business.

4. Give Up Your Bad Habits

You should know yourself best to know the habits; you really need to give up on. Most habit forms bit by bit until they become part of us and difficult to stop. But hey, it’s your life, and you alone can decide what comes with you and what you’ll drop along the way.

I had a very bad habit of procrastinating, not that I willingly gave in to procrastination; it was a build up that lead it to become a habit in me. Time is waiting for no one. The more you keep pampering those habits the more they weigh you down on your journey to success. Just offload them and move on.

5. Learn To Accept Failure

Everyone at some level of their life looks to achieve a bit of breakthrough in life, career or other endeavors they engage. Just remember to add failure or obstacles to your guest list and be prepared to hit them right back.

So, it’s never personal when you fail, you just have to get up and keep moving. What matters is your reaction and mindset after failing at some point in life.

When I closed down my business, of course I failed, but I never allowed it to define me or bare me from striving to succeed. Don’t allow the fear of failing to bare you from taking a step.

6. Explore Your Life’s Purpose

There are some things that make you happy, that keep you feeling alive not just your job or the goals you have set for yourself. It’s also all those things that you’re so passionate about and will fight for. Some of these could be;

  • Fighting for animals against cruel killings and experiments.
  • Protecting animals who suffer and finding better homes for them.
  • Helping others to reach their full potentials and overcome sadness.

Sometimes you might feel need to change some of your life’s purpose or you feel like you haven’t had a purpose and will need to have at least one. Just always make happiness your priority and ask yourself some of these question to help your define your life’s purpose;

  • What makes me happy?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What is my favorite thing to do?
  • What and who inspires me?
  • What am I good at?
  • What makes me feel good?
  • What do I enjoy doing so much that I’m always committed?

7. Always Have Backup Plans

You never can tell what life has in store for you, that’s the reason why you always need a contingency plan in place, when things go wrong.

Life will always appear simple but never easy, that’s why you’ll need all the planning to actually scale through in life without getting stuck…There’s this popular adage about planning from Benjamin Franklin

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

You definitely dont have to be on the failing side of life….

8. And When Things Get Tough, Just Pray

I believe in God, I know prayers works and sometimes, it takes me just getting on my knees and saying a prayer to get through certains hurdles in life. You can try it too.

Ok, that’s it.

Life is beautiful, why get stuck at a place? You can get whatever you want out of life, you just have to pay the price of knowing and planning for what you want out of life… That’s simple.


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  1. I did the same in my twenties, did business at college and then started a business. Realised I was working so hard and not making any money, swallowed all my money in stock, rent and staff wages. However I learnt so much business knowledge and information from having that business so I will never regret it. Great post

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