It’s often healthy to live simple, intentional and develop voluntary habits to a better lifestyle, focusing on simplicity with regard to simplifying your activities and entire lifestyle.

Analyzing your life entirely and sift through it all to find what’s most important to you. If it is important to you then it’s of use. Living simple looks a bit different for each person depending on your personal values and views on life and what’s important to you. Your part to play is to discover what clouds your vision and adds noise to your life and start drawing out what your goals are.

When you let go and strip away the unimportant things, you’ll be left with life very meaningful. A life lived on your own terms, creating it as you desire, having the time and space to pursue your interest because it’s in the most simple things that we find real and true happiness.

Simple living is being satisfied with what you need rather than what you want. When living a simple life, you have fewer things; you feel less overwhelmed, get more focused and more thoughtful.

It allows you live with fewer “shoulds” and more freedom; more curiosity, less hustle, less jumping through hoops and more putting your feet up to read; more purposeful action, reduced stress, not always trying to measure up. You now have time to do “You”.

Here are quick approach to living a simple life and creating the life you have always wanted;

1. Make a Reason

This is the first approach to living simpler and at ease. Before the thought of living simple and with less, crossed your mind, you must have thought about it.  Getting started here, you’ll have to make a list of all the reason you need to live more simply, helping you put things into perspective. Where do you want to simplify in your life- it could be your phone, room, job or even your schedule.

Why do you want a simple life? What are you mad about? Are you mad that you haven’t had enough time for your self-care routine? Are you sick of debtors? Get a pen and just write them down on a paper. If you don’t, it’ll get to a point where you’ll find it hard and difficult to navigate through many of your chaos.

Your “Whys” will help you remember what matters most and give you reasons to keep living simply.

2. De-clutter Your Little Clutter Zone

You have made a list, right? To take immediate action remains the next step. Because just making a reason and writing them down isn’t enough to help you achieve a simpler life.

Start with de-cluttering your little clutter zone. Whether you notice it or not, clutter has an enormous impact on your life. You’ll feel a weight off your shoulders as your breathing space expands. Yes, this is one of the practical ways I started living simply. I started with my room then I loved it.

But for you, this area could be the drawer in your bedroom or kitchen, countertop or just a table. Start little by using any area as part of your inspiration to live with less and enjoy simple living. If you find joy in the clean and clear area, you can start expanding the zone, little by little.

A Clutter-free drawer can become a clutter-free room and a clutter-free room can become the clutter-free home you’ve been looking forward to having.

When you’re often used to living ambiguously, this could be a difficult step to take, that’s why it’s better starting little to make a progress. Remember less is more.

3. Stop Over Committing

The essential part of living simply is to live true to your values and integrity then it becomes clear what’s no longer aligned.  When you become clear on what we want in life, we’ll definitely say “NO” to everything that isn’t aligned.

Your time is precious. You have to understand that simple living is to distance yourself or totally remove the part of your life that’s no longer serving you, your purpose and especially your wellbeing.

It could be a job, relationship, living room space, belongings or just about anything else that doesn’t feel right to you. Remember, you just don’t have to explain, understand or rationalize the feeling, because the feeling is enough to take it out of alignment.

4. Practice an Overall Detox

Over time, I have been used to a certain lifestyle that keeps me overwhelmed and slightly confused-from my phone, to some outdoor activities and sometimes with my cooking. I tend to spend more time killing time when I needed to actually enjoy every bit of it by simplifying my actions and habits.

I often check my phone every 6-7 minutes, I got so addicted to social media, taking all the time in the world to kill time and live in self-comparison. Often, I would compare my stomach with that of a fancy IG model and would want to be like her, after several dieting and doing all recommended exercise, I still wouldn’t be like her. I was depriving myself of actual happiness and never comfortable in my own skin.

Bad habits like social media can be addictive and can leave us wild and busy which eventually makes it our second nature.

Detox helps to put you back to default setting, reminding you of the joy and happiness you enjoyed.

When you’re always focusing all your energy on excess things at a time, you’ll constantly focus on things you don’t have and what you’re not.  It’ll become difficult to create your memories by being in the present.

4. Strive For Less

Why strive for much while we can strive for less and be happy? Today’s world allows us access to all sorts of gadgets and apps that are supposed to simplify our lives but ironically, they go way high to complicate our lives. We’re always activated to always want more and more. But the truth is that sticking to less make our problems less.

Striving for less is a mindful practice of achieving happiness in a complex world. When striving for less we become more contented with what we have right here and now. Letting go of the expectation that more and more is better and instead practice gratitude for all that is present, you’ll free up energy and space and time to create some magic and the beautiful life you have always wanted.

Just don’t forget, there will never be an end to more things, you just have to focus on the things you need rather than things you want or are trending.

5. Single-Tasking

Truth is I enjoy multitasking but it’s an energy zapper and not so efficient. Trying to do everything all at once just because I want to be all day productive, but at the end of it all, I’ll be getting nothing done. Now, imagine that everything you do like writing, doing work related task, or dishwashing goes on a full-screen mode where you just focus and don’t look at anything else but the task at hand. Viewing a task at a time, allowing yourself to properly engage with the task, with a min-break, and comfortably getting it done.

The purpose of single-tasking is to be fully aware and be present as you do each task. Even when other things try to take away your attention you’ll still come back to finish up, by so doing allowing you to do them better. This also equals less stress for you.

Doing multiple tasks at a given time may seem like getting multiple things done at the same time, but what you’re really doing is shifting your attention from one task to another, making it so difficult to time-out distractions. This could be the major reason for our mental blocks which goes to slow us down.

In the end, you end up not completing any task and not getting any job done. Remember job completed is usually job done.

Just to Know

You don’t have to give up all the material things you enjoy to live a simple life. But, you have to create a very safe balance between those things and what is really important to you and your life. Focus more on achieving happiness than in your possessions.



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  1. Love the idea of detoxing! Need to work on focusing the things in life that matters. Plus learning to commit to only the things I can handle and not be a “Yes” girl for everything. Such an inspirational post. Thank you for sharing!

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