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Weight Loss

Super Easy Bedtime Drinks To Lose Excess Weight

Trying to lose weight can be discouraging especially when you’re yet to see any result. That’s why I don’t try so hard so I don’t get overwhelmed and feel bad that I didn’t achieve my body goals  (that’s if I set any). I simply pledge to simple tips or any lazy hack for girls with […]

Weight Loss

15 Quick Weight Loss Hacks Every Lazy Girl Should Know

Ever heard someone recite to you how super important exercising, eating right is and how you should always indulge in it? Yeah, I hear that a lot. The thing is that long hours at the gym together with restrictive and boring diets are tough to actually stick to in order to lose weight. For some […]

Weight Loss

10 detox waters that can quickly help burn belly fat

Detox water is simply a trending name given to water infused or combined with sliced fruits, herbs, vegetables, and spices. Drinking water on its own is one of the best things you can do to burn that stubborn belly fat. It fills up your tummy without adding the extra calories. Water helps prevent constipation, flush […]