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Self Improvement

Tips To Boost And Improve Your Self Esteem

Sometimes, self-esteem is regarded as a myth because nobody understands the truth in it. But, the truth is that self-esteem is obtainable and it involves realizing your self-worth. Whatever you think you’re worth determines how you feel about yourself. And however you feel about yourself, whether you think highly of yourself, lowly, or in-between is […]

ways to bbe happy as a single woman
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Reinvent Yourself As A Single Woman

Oh, I’m single and happy. I know there are so many ways people say it but as a single woman how would you describe yourself? Would you call it sad, boring or perhaps lonely? Well, to me, it’s comforting… And I’ll be the most terrible liar if I think I need a man to be […]

Self Care
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Simple Selfcare Routine that can keep you Sane All day

Life is tricky dishing out so many activities that keep us busy and make us forget taking care of ourselves. It could be from being in a demanding relationship, a busy schedule or just about anything to be busy about. Just know it’s always easy to lose yourself, especially when you’re the one with kind […]

How To Get Unstuck in Life
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Getting Unstuck in life

Do you feel at a place and “stuck” and you feel like you’re yet not in the position to make any life changes? Life is beautiful, why waste it just by the feeling of being stuck at a place? After graduating, I got a bank job at the e-channels department, in and out of the […]