Maintaining a good relationship with loved ones and family can be pure hard work and sometimes you might not be cut out for it. That’s why I’m here to help you start this journey and maintain it.

Heart Break

What To Do When Your Heart Gets Broken

Have you had your heart broken by someone who actually means the world to you? Well, I’m sure you can relate this. Growing up, I built a wall around myself, no emotions whatsoever. I choose not to feel a thing, I was so afraid of being in a relationship because of my mum’s bad experience, […] Read more…

My First Blog Post

I’m a sucker for new beginnings because it is always filled with opportunities, full of good tidings and good intentions. Today HERBUBBLES finally kicked off. With a cup of sweet ginger and cinnamon tea at my side, hands on my keyboard thinking about what my first words, first blog post to you beautiful ladies should be. […] Read more…

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