Health and Wellness

Health is wealth! How well do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? For you to live a happy life, your health and wellbeing is a priority and here’s you can help maintain it.

manage anxiety

5 Things You Must Stop Doing To Manage Anxiety

Anxiety comes with “feeling of apprehension” and it’s just what happens whenever we neglect and don’t take care of our mental health. This feeling comes with fear, depression, panic and of course anxiety. And suffering from either is unbelievably difficult because nobody knows how you feel and what you’re feeling. The feeling drains every bit […] Read more…

harsh words freedom

Effective Ways To Deal With Cruel Words

Cruel words possess great power with the potential to shove anybody into a downward spiral of self-doubt and destruction. They shame and burn you right down till nothing is left. So cruel, very mean, belittling, harsh, degrading, insulting, condescending, mocking and searing words that can cause blisters to your physical, emotional health and overall wellbeing. […] Read more…

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