simple life Life was meant to be simple but we go a long way complicating it with our insatiable wants and desires.  Simplifying our lives should be our decision to make for a better lifestyle.

Living Simple means removing and stripping away the unwanted, unimportant and focusing your time and energy on the wanted and important. It is a daily decision to buy less, use less, and devote your time to things that really matter. It is a thorough persistence in assessing your priorities, being critical with your purchases, detox, and de-cluttering your life- emotionally, physically and spiritually. Living a simpler life also creates time to focus on your health, watch what you eat and give yourself the regular self-care dosage you need to thrive in life.

Growing up, I want to do everything; I wanted everything, my wants change with the trend. Some of these I end up getting while some I don’t. So much effort trying to meet up with the complexity of our modern society, my day’s schedule always ends up unorganized, and I end up forgetting the most important task to get done. So far, I learned a very important lesson about simplifying my life: I care now more about that future because I’m always aware and I live in the present.

Simplicity brings many benefits, some of which are;

1. Improved Finances

Selling stuff you don’t need anymore, cutting out superfluous spending and buying things you only need, are bound to improve your finance, and definitely open a room for success. The peace of mind, you’ll enjoy becomes worth it as you can regain control over your finances, invest and plan for future. All you have to do is keep your life simple, build a budget and stick to it.

2. It Strengthens your Mental Health

The level of stress our brain endures amazes me. We often go extra miles to drain our energy just to satisfy our wants in life, not minding the long term effect and damage to our health and well being.

I love to put more care into my mental health, not that my physical health is less important. When your mind is less stress because it has fewer things to worry about, it can improve your mental health. By focusing on what’s important, you reduce your stress level, change your mood and also live a healthier life. I don’t know about you but my brains don’t function well in a cluttered environment.

3. Your Life is Less-Cluttered

Ever imagined not having to spend so much time keeping your life in order, organized and dealing with all the things you don’t need? Well, that’s what I call Life.

More of the benefit of living a simple life, you enjoy a less cluttered life because fewer possession and commitments result to a beautiful and less cluttered life. This means you’ll spend less time cleaning and organizing, giving you more time to engage in things you want to achieve happiness.

4. Sense of Freedom

A simplified life provides you with freedom- free form life’s issues (that shouldn’t really be of any major concern), free from wanting to meet up to life’s standard and free to be yourself. You get to have opportunity and freedom to pursue happiness and a chance to achieve it.

The more things you own, the more responsibilities you have, the more you’ll need to service your ego and the less freedom you’ll enjoy.

5. Quality Over Quantity

When you streamline to narrow your spending and cut out any unnecessary spending, you find your money will go a lot further. You can now dedicate it to buying better versions of the thing you need. By investing more money, you can buy better quality items that will work better, last longer and give you a better boost to achieving your goals in a thrifty version.

6. It Improves Your Relationship

To my mind, this is absolutely the most powerful benefit of an unbusy and simple life, but it applies to all of us. When you have some free time to yourself, you get to enjoy an unstructured play with loved ones, you get to have time to shoot the breeze – to do just nothing, to laugh, to listen, to get bored, to get creative together and get more connected.

It’s often hard to really connect with anyone when we’re always connected with our phones, computer or other complicated life’s activities. Getting up every morning our minds are full enough, then when we add a layer of digital in formations to it, it becomes easy to lose focus during a simple conversion, hampering our relationship with loved ones.

7. You Say Yes to Plan that Excites You

Simple Life means more time, time to say yes to some of the plans that you’re excited about. The thing you really cared about in the first place before getting wrapped up in the complexity of life.

8. Achieving Life’s Goal

By allowing yourself to choose a simple life over a cluttered and complicated life, will unearth more time in your day. Allowing you some time to engage in activities that truly inspires you. You’ll now have the time to take that dance class or cooking class you’ve always wanted to take. It simply gives you time to appreciate the abundance of life.

9. Fewer Misplaced Items

Well personally I hate to lose things, I don’t know about you. More than that, I hate to replace things once I think they’re lost and only to find them after a week. Occasionally this happens with my Tv remote, hairbrush and ankle strap boots. By choosing to live a simple life, you’re aware of your stuff and you get to know where they are kept to help you easily find them even with your eyes closed. This will not be possible if your room and home are full of clutter.

10. Under Reacting

A simpler life allows for time to consider any response. When things are too busy and complicated, we get to lose our temper and get lost in a reactionary lifestyle, say things we don’t mean and blow things out of proportion. But if you have more time to reflect before responding, you answer appropriately from a thoughtful place instead of a fight or flight mentality. It allows you some calm time, to see the reality of any situation more easily.

11. Happiness

Being happy is the greatest feeling for a man. I always feel happy whenever I take out time to de-clutter my room, I imagined what I bring if I can detox and de-clutter my entire life. That was when I knew I needed to simplify my life in all areas. De-cluttering your life to achieve a simple living brings happiness naturally. You’ll clearly see the false promises in all the clutter, it’s like a broken shield against life’s true essence. You’ll also find happiness in being more efficient, you’ll find concentration and joy by enjoying slowing down.

simple life

If you’ve been thinking and contemplating a simpler life, but you’ve been holding because of the work involved in getting there; Go ahead take a plunge, what’s there to lose. But I promise you’ll be glad, you did.


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  1. Great post! Well written! I definitely relate to everything you write about simplifying our lives. It’s amazing how habits hold such a significant power over our ability to change. When I simplify my life, I experience everything that you mention. Then old habits come back; taking me back down the path to a life of clutter.

    Roger Petersen
    Mind and Love

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