Creating Life you have always wantedAt one point in life, you crave and want to afford one luxury or the other, aspire to be more in life or just deeply want to attain some level of success. In most cases, it looks totally impossible like you can’t create or climb that ladder of success.

While you point out all the things that have gone wrong with your life, always have it at the back of your mind that greatness is right within you. You are just the one who has refused to see or pull it out.

Yes, there is no exact formula or guidebook to living life, you just write and fudge it as you go in order to bring to reality that comfortable life you want and there are some sure ways to making it easier for you to create:

1. Quit Identifying With Your Failures And Past Mistakes

 Nobody ever goes through life without making some mistakes along the way. Some are damaging while some are not. Without them, you won’t learn or know anything in life. It is all just part of the journey to success, just an experience. Never make it who you are or carry it on your head like a load. That all or some of your plans didn’t work out the way you planned it doesn’t mean it’s a dead end. It’s only a dead end the day you quit trying. So, just shut the mouth of the devil’s advocate telling you to stop trying and keep moving till you win. Stop bringing up past failures into the present and future of your life and plans because it will only succeed in giving you a million reasons why you should quit. Nobody said being successful was going to be that easy.

2. Always Take Full Responsibility For Your Life

Today, most people seem to get stuck with the idea that they are entitled to a great life which is 100% fine, I mean why would I go through life and not want a blissful personal relationship, an exciting career and an all-round splendid, cozy and super comfortable life? Ok, no reason I wouldn’t want that, but tying yourself up with the fact that you must receive it from someone is where the craze is.

Girl, the truth here is that you’re the only one solely responsible for the quality of your life. Neither Mr. A nor Miss B, just you.

Your health, blissful or down-the-pits relationships, fitness level, debt or perhaps a bank account spilling over with dollars. Whatever is your situation at the moment, came as a result of something you did or didn’t do, like you know that junk food isn’t good for your waist ( I’m always guilty of drinking coca cola) but eat it on daily basis anyway.

No matter how tricky your mind plays you into thinking external factors are the source of all your woos in life, deep down you know that you’re actually the one in charge and that external factors didn’t play much to determine the quality of your life.

Successful people don’t waste their time and energy tagging blames and complaining at everything rather they evaluate their experiences, own up to their thoughts and every single action they take, whether favorable or not and unfavorable, make a change to create and live the life up to the life they so much desire.

3. Be Clear On Your Life Purpose

Everyone in life is born with one purpose or the other. Though sometimes, it takes time to even figure it out but finally identifying and honoring your life purpose is one key to being successful and creating the life you want. Like it’s so much easier going along with nature and your calling than going against it. Waaayy much better.

If you don’t even know what you’re supposed to be doing, just take a deep breath, relax and tune in to the signals around but most especially to yourself-your life experience, attitude, what you like and don’t. Pen your discoveries down and if you’re not making any headway, seek for help and guidance from others.

Once you’re on the clear of your purpose in life, the inspiration on how to sort out your unsatisfied and unfulfilled life starts flooding on, you start figuring out what you want and mapping out steps to reach it. You really won’t discover how powerful and creative your subconscious is and the extent it can reach just to make your ideas happen and that is until you have a clear purpose in life.

4. Stay Far Away From Negativity

There’s nothing about negativity that looks or smells good, so stay away from it. Always overcome your negative mindset and don’t allow the negative thoughts of people become yours or match with your own thoughts. Always reach out for happiness in all of its total packages and be sure to spread it all around you and infect people with it.

5. Believe In Yourself

Unless something is distastefully evil, using the words Impossible or Can’t is totally off the table. If you really want to successfully create the life you wish for, then you need to have an unwavering belief in yourself to make it happen, exactly how you want it to happen, nothing less. There has to be a deep-seated belief that you have what it takes to create your desired results.

Success in life lies in your mental attitude towards things. If you don’t believe and see yourself as a winner, it’s hard to be one. You can control or handle any situation you deeply and solidly think you can handle. So, if you will experience success or struggle, it’s all thanks to you. It’s simple. No magic.

6. Make Personal Development An Absolute Must

Want to live out a blissful life on your own terms? Never stop developing yourself. Invest solidly in whatever makes you better. In fact, make it a priority. Whether in business, books, education, programs, mentorship, all and whatever that keeps you learning. Nothing is finer than a lady who is knowledgeable and when her brains are picked on, it’s never empty. Develop yourself to be different and powerful. The height of your personal development solidly equals the height your success will reach. Which simply means that the more you work to develop and invest in your growth and knowledge database, the more you achieve success.

The one secret weapon of successful women is the fact that they are never tired of learning, working and investing to be better at whatever they do. Go find your creative genius, get better at knowing the things surrounding you, improve on a skill you already have or learn new ones, strive to stop procrastination, work to boost your self-confidence which is the first component of success, identify your strengths and talents and improve on them. Never be limited to what you can learn each day just to grow, be better and achieve the life you want.

7. Change Your Behavior For A Different Outcome

I know it can be very hard and sometimes overwhelming for you to make changes. It might go to the extent of making someone gets upset with you, take you way too much money, time, effort than you can actually afford. It might even make you feel bad about your decision to make those changes, but again, that can’t be compared with the feelings you will get when you pull through with it and see the results you desire.

It’s beautiful knowing that you can make your life what you want it to be and that whatever you want different today than yesterday only takes full commitment on your part to achieve the desired results. Click To Tweet

Creating Life you have always wanted

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32 Comments on 7 Ways Of Creating The Life You Always Wanted

  1. I bookmarked this post because of #3 and #6.I think creating a clear life purpose pushes you beyond limits to make your life better. A clear life purpose tells you what your dreams and aspirations look like and how to bring it to life. It’s really a great post. Love it.

  2. I love this! They are all so true. You need to believe in yourself before you can start moving! That is half the battle. I don’t know about others but I tend to beat myself in the head with things I’ve done wrong in the past, but all that does it bring us down. It’s hard not to but we have to fight it 🙂 Great post!

    • Believing in yourself does settle half the battle. Unless you believe in yourself, you’ll remain stuck in one bad dreamland. Glad you love the post, Geraldine.

  3. All great points! I do think it’s true you have to be clear on your life purpose, but for many it’s easier said than done. I think journaling regularly and focusing on doing what I love has been key for me. Suddenly doing what I love was my life’s purpose.

    • I think the main reason why most people are not clear about their life purpose is that they keep neglecting what they love and have a passion for, for something everybody else thinks they should be focusing on. Journaling does keep your focus razor sharp.

  4. Loved this. You had me at keep the negativity away and believe in yourself! That’s a deep one. I try to stay far away from negative people because they only bring you down and lead you to question yourself! Which is something I never do?
    Change comes from us deciding to take a stand and do differently ?

    • Yes MJ, thrashing every source of negativity around you and believing in your abilities gives you the opportunity of creating a beautiful life for yourself.

  5. There are so many really good tips here. I really needed to read this today. Changing my behaviour and moving away from negativity have been real hard struggles for me of late but hopefully, with a more positive mindset things will change 🙂

    • Yes, You just have to be positive, I often have a lot of positive affirmations and quotes with me all day, and when I feel like choking, I say it loud.

  6. I really ought to use these points. All of these points could definitely help me in life especially as I always think about the negative, identify with my past and failures and I don’t believe in myself very often. I really need to change how I do these things and I think it’ll help how I feel about life and my future. Really loved this. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m happy you liked it Chloe. Life is always simple, you just have to learn to be happy with yourself and rock life to the fullest ? blocking every negative thought by mindful practice.

    • I’m happy you liked it. Whatever life you desire for yourself and however you choose to live, you’ll have to write it down and live it yourself. You’re in control girl, don’t have to give anybody a chance to live your life for you.

  7. Some great advice. Not sure I’m still clear what my purpose is in life and I’m half way through! I have some idea, I will follow the advice to write my thoughts about this down ?

  8. These are all excellent tips. I think it was especially important for me to hear not to identify with my past failures and mistakes; that’s something I do and have always done, without really realizing it, and that it’s been holding me back. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Love your post and saving it. Generally we forget indulging in our hobbies, get caught up in things and somewhere stop being inspired.

    • Reflection is good, but not with a fragile mind. When you’re still trying to be in charge, you don’t have to reflect on your past experiences or mistakes because you can easily slip into depression.

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