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Cultivating a healthy routine as a woman can be simple. You just have to understand the need to be healthy, the benefits and reward of living a healthy life, then you’ll achieve it.

Making your health a priority and working so hard to establish a healthy routine, aside from your physical figure what is striking is your unique mindset and perspective. Sometimes, it could be born out of just simple habits we do, that turns to be healthy routines.

Ok, being healthy is far beyond eating clean and taking some gym class. You can eat all veggies and no-carb, crush your sugar cravings or drain your energy at the gym and still not look healthy. It’s about making wellness a part of just about every aspect of your life and your happiness a priority. Healthy is about how our body is feeling, how good you’re feeling and how our body is reacting. When you are healthy, you feel it in every part of your life and every morning you wake up brand new. Every part of you must be alive and generally ok.

But, some of the efforts we make to achieve our wellness goals can be hampered by some unconscious actions. Even minor habits and negative thoughts can turn our minds against us and also prepare us for failure even when we try so hard to succeed.

Being healthy comes down to healthy habits- it’s a conscious choice we make every day and each time, that allows us to be happy and live the best healthy life.

Here are some habits of healthy women

1. Sleep

Sleep is very vital to our well-being, both for our physical and mental health. Our ‘twenty-first-century’ lives are so packed from the second we get up to the second we go to bed.

Ever wondered why your face looks so good early in the morning after the night rest? So, you see our bodies require a break in order to restore and rejuvenate after long hours of the days’ work. And that’s what sleep does for you.

You should always know when to hit the pause-sleep button and take a break.

2. Daily Med Checkups

This can be a boring choice, habit or routine, because no one fancies needles or some PAP smears, but usually the most important. You should have the knowledge that early prevention always save a life.

Our bodies can tell us so much more of what’s going on with us, you just have to develop the skill to understand your body to know what’s going on with your health. Look for example, when you experiencing dry skin, this could be that you are dehydrated or when you experiencing hair and nail breakages, it could also mean that you have some vitamin depletion. All these are just signs and languages of our inner body to us.

Daily medical checkups help with early prevention to make us real beauty in and out, because how healthy we are on the inside always reflects on the outside. So, true health starts when you start caring for your inside to allow radiate on the outside.

A healthy woman knows that early intervention leads to prevention which saves lives so they stick to the schedule and get check-ups when they need them.

3. Mental Health is Very Important

Our mind is powerful and very unique that if not cared for can be a fast killer than EBOLA. The mind if not healthy can make you unhealthy even with a healthy body. So, just like your physical health is a priority, make your mental health also a priority. If your mind is healthy definitely you’ll manage and maintain your other routines.

Healthy women understand that they need to also focus on their mental health just as their bodies because when it comes to an overall healthy life; you’ll need your mind to be happy, fit and healthy too.

So, take out time to relax, for self-care, spend time with family and friends, eat healthily, exercise and laugh a lot.

4. Always Create Intentional Routines

Being healthy is conscious and intentional actions we take and routines we keep, it’s never by accident, you don’t wake up healthy just like that, and rather you practice it and implement it intentionally.

Cultivating an intentional daily routine for you can benefit your body, soul, and mind. You’ll live a less chaotic, more contented and productive lifestyle.

Best way to always be consistent is to plan ahead, to offset the slightest chance of making any quick or unhealthy choices.

Set out your intentions, plan your meals and grocery shopping, schedule your workouts, and create a healthy habit of making some conscious healthy choices every day.

5. They Don’t Live in Comparison

To be yourself should be more easy that borrowing another person’s life. I can choose to be bohemian today if I want to, and not because someone suggested or imposed it on me. Being yourself is about being comfortable in your skin, doing things that make you feel peace and joy.

Everybody is different and that should remain like that. Just for an instance, you can eat the same meal with your BFF and work out the same day but achieve a different result. That’s it, your body, face, your mind, and energy is totally different.

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing other people frequencies when you start imprinting your intent in the universe rather receiving imprints from existence”.

It’s hard not to compare especially when we live our lives on social media, but you have to understand that you’re very unique, you have a life to live and a part to play too.

Being stuck in a comparison spiral will only steal your inner joy and make you strive for perfection when it’s OK to be just you. If you really want to compare, just compare the YOU of yesterday and the YOU of now.

6. The Know When to Take a Social Media Break

Social media is a product of advance in technology.  Of course, there’s a lot of benefit from technology, it has enhanced our lives in so many ways making information at the tip of our fingers and communication easy. We can now keep in touch with distant friends and relatives, we can work from just about anywhere, and we know what’s happening everywhere in the world – but all this connectivity certainly has its own effect especially to our health. Let’s not talk about the damage our cell phones dish out to our DNA on a regular basis.

Healthiness is about general well being and having a deep knowledge of the fact that your health is more important than anything. Sometimes, you don’t need food or some workout, but just some a quiet time to disconnect and feel less overwhelmed. Taking some digital detox time is one of the habits of healthy women.

OK, you are wondering where to begin?

Here’s a better approach to creating a better lifestyle for you.

A few years back, I had wanted to lose weight, I decided to sign up for a gym class, I went all in, and when sometimes I don’t meet up to go, it becomes as if I’m already failing. Later, I realized slow and steady wins the race.

So, don’t immediately go all in because it’s impossible to make these changes visible overnight and you don’t want to lose your energy trying to take care of yourself (that would definitely not be self-care). You’ll just have to take it slow and start making little and simple changes to your daily activities. Then, you’ll begin to feel a little better, and find it a lot easier to blend in a few more healthy habits into your routine.

Building slowly over time will help you generate enough stamina into creating the life you have always wanted in a relatively painless way that you’ll be able to stick with.

Healthy Habit

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  1. Some great tips here and well explained. So many of us need to be reminded to take proper care of ourselves, and like you said our lives are completely overfilled nowadays. Your post is a clear reminder of what we should be aiming for. Great work!

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