Thinsg to do for yourself

Sometimes you put your happiness and dreams on hold for another day, you ignore to nourish the most important relationship in life- the one you have with yourself.

How often do you make yourself and happiness a priority? Or do you spend most of your time giving yourself to others, your work and other things surrounding you?

You can’t even do the things you’ve always wanted to do for the fear of being judged.

Other days you beat yourself up for a silly mistake you made in the past or even present. You’re so committed to things you don’t feel like doing just because your mind tells you don’t have any other choice.

Just like Paul Coelho wrote

One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now!

The truth about life is that it’s happening now. So, if you’re looking to bring positivity, light, and joy into your life, today is the day and now is the right time.

Looking for where to begin? Here are 20 things to start doing for yourself right now.

1. Get Comfortable Being You

You’re one of a kind, designed to be ‘You’ in the whole of existence for reason. Own who you are. Your strengths, quirks, and passion allow you offer something unique to the world and you’ll only be happy when you’re fully authentic.

The day you get truly comfortable being you is the day the entire world will stop telling you what to do and who to be every single day.

You’ll be amazed at how you’ll embrace your uniqueness, start living on your own terms and stop being like everyone else. You’ll come to cherish and see beauty in all of your qualities as a person.

It’s really like magic.

2. Create Personal Rituals

Having a well planned and wonderful life requires a deep and personal routine.

It could be a certain morning ritual of yoga, prayer, meditation, painting, weekend brunch, reading a  book or watching a movie on Netflix (I do a lot of that these days and Nappily Ever After is my latest. Check it out, you’ll love it too!)

Personal rituals have a way of incorporating values into your life. Don’t ignore creating or forget you have them.

3. Learn to Say ‘No’ Sometimes

It’s healthy to say ‘no’ sometimes. You don’t have to commit yourself into doing things you don’t want or feel like doing.

It’s totally ok to say ‘no’. Not only is it ok, it’s important to learn to say ‘no’. Learn to set boundaries with it and learn to say it without the feeling of guilt.

4. Celebrate and Be Grateful For Everything

Nothing makes life more charming than the feeling of gratitude for everything you have, no matter how small you might think they are. Cause let’s face it, some people don’t have them, someone out there is less well off than you.

You don’t have wait have to wait for something huge to happen around you before you celebrate, be happy or get excited. A grateful heart makes you notice and celebrate small wins.

Bear it in mind that you’re blessed and being grateful about it builds your confidence and set you up to have more success. That’s one little secret most people don’t know.

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5. Face Your Problems

Your problems don’t define you. It’s your reaction and recovery from them that does. Problems don’t resolve themselves; they practically won’t disappear unless you take action to sweep them away.

Even if its baby steps, just take a well planned and conscious action in the right direction to hunt them down.

6. Be Open about Your Feelings

Instead of letting difficult and dark emotions fester, spill them out. You can let them out to a friend, a therapist, or family member. Find a way to process or channel out those feelings so that you can give freedom to yourself and move on.

Other helpful approaches like sculpting, singing and painting can do wonders.

7. Make Yourself and Happiness a Priority

Your needs, feelings and happiness matter. Sometimes all you do is keep pushing and coming through for others no matter how exhausted you are. You keep giving yourself to others that you forget your own needs.

Whether it’s to your family, business or friends, bear it in mind that you can’t pour out from an empty cup. Consider taking care of your needs first so as to be capable of helping those that need you most.

You automatically transfer help and happiness when you’re happy.

8. Learn To Forgive

Holding on to toxic grudges kills slowly. You might not notice but it eats you raw from inside out.

A Chinese proverb says: ‘Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the purpose of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.’

Know that people have their own complex reasons for not adding something positive to your life or sometimes being hurtful to you. Holding on to the bitterness they push your way gives them too much power over your life and happiness.

And you don’t want that, do you?

Learn to forgive, not just yourself (for things you thought you did or didn’t do) but others too. Yes, it can take a lot of courage to let go and forgive but the fact remains that grudges don’t serve you, rather they eat on your own happiness and leave you saddled with resentment and anger.

9. Always Remember To Take Mental Breaks

Regularly monitor your stress levels closely and deliberately take breaks away from the circle of worries and thoughts in your head.

Give yourself some precious minutes to blow off the steam. You can take some few moments to take a walk, read, call a friend over for some chat, listen to your favorite songs, meditate or even sit out at the park. Connect with nature and feel the beauty around you.

Believe you’ll feel calmer and more energized each time you’re done.

10. De-clutter Your Space

I don’t know why, but many people don’t seem to take the issue of de-cluttering their space very serious.

Not having time to organize, de-clutter, and set things straight could be the reason for your constant mood swing. Taking out things that are not in their rightful position and letting go of the once I no longer need always has a way of lifting my mood to a better place.

Many of us are almost busy with life; our possessions shouldn’t physically and energetically weigh us down. By clearing out your space you symbolically create room for new ones to come in.

11. Take Chances

Comfort zones are sweet and just like the name super comfortable.

But then nothing new ever happens there. Nothing grows and would ever grow there!

Sure, trying out new things can be scary. Who knows you can fail at it. But then again, who knows you can succeed and be awesome at it. You’ll never know until you take your chances and give it a try. That’s the only way to be courageous and feel free. Feel your fear but don’t listen to it, don’t empower it further.

Stop putting off your plans to work and fulfill your dreams, just do it and If you succeed at it? Great!

Even if you don’t, you’ll still be learning something that will help you succeed the next time. No matter how you see it, I still think it’s a win.

12. Treat Your Body Right

Take good care of you body by eating healthy and whole foods, start reading labels to spot out non healthy garbage, ditch the soda and excess salt.

Nourish your body with enough water, yoga and exercises. Spend time outdoors to stretch your body daily. Visit the spa or try dry-brush and soaking yourself up in mild-sweet scented warm baths. All these small things make you feel pampered and amazing.

Remember your body is your best home. Get out of your way to treat it right.

13. End or Avoid Toxic Relationships

Accomplishing this can sometimes be painful, especially when it has to do with long-term relationships and friendships. No matter how hard it is, being in no relationship is better that being in the wrong and emotional stressing on.

Take time to disconnect from people who pay your goodness back with negativity. Don’t worry too much about people who don’t worry you.

You lose when you put yourself out to be disrespected. Know and claim your worth always! Click To TweetThose in your life should inspire, motivate and respect you.

Your circle should be supportive and well-rounded not emotionally dump on you or stretch on your last surviving nerves. If you’re not receiving quality from relationships and friendships, detach from them. You owe yourself a lot of happiness in life.

14. Nourish and Nurture Good Relationships

When was the last time you went out and had a good laugh with your family, partner and those wonderful friends of yours? The ‘busy’ and ‘grown-up’ nature of life has even made you forget your best and good old pals.

Just as there are frustrating relationships, there are amazing ones in your life too. Don’t get lost in the chase and forget to appreciate the very circle and relationships that make life better.

Write and call regularly to connect with them if they’re far from you. Spend quality time with the people you love and hold dear. Don’t be too ‘busy’ to nurture the time and connection you have with the people you love.

Nothing can or should be more important than them. In fact, they’re the best gift of life to you. Minus them and you’ll find life really miserable.

15. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination makes you put off things you should do now for later and at the end of everything, you end up forgetting or not having time to actually do those things.

Putting things off for later makes you enter unfavorable conditions, damages some stuffs right under your nose and bring into situations you never bargained for.

The worst thing is that you might not even notice the dangers till later. So, to avoid later regrets, try accomplishing tasks or things you’ve set out to do. Stop waiting for later and start doing them now.

16. Create a Clear Vision for Yourself

The most successful people in life and even the people you sometimes tend to envy always set out a clear vision and target for their lives.

One important lessons I have personally learned from life is that you hardly that which you didn’t target. It’s a simple equation most people don’t like to look at.

Be clear on your purpose, what you want your love life to be like, what you desire concerning your career, finances, personal growth and total well-being.

17. Give Love to Yourself and Others

Giving love to yourself and others is probably the most important things you need to start doing for yourself.

Show kindness at home, your place of work, even way out of your immediate environs. Don’t let the world and the attitude of people turn your tender heart into stone.

Always pay back evil with good, render help and kindness whenever you can. Love, love and always love. It always separates you and continues to bring good tidings to you.

18. Take Time to Plan Your Week

Before each week, map out time to plan the days of each week according to your schedule, goals and values.

This keeps you sane and prevents you from being swept away by unnecessary things that will keep you from achieving your set target.

19. Be Happy For Others

This one right here can be truly difficult. That wave of envy you feel seeing people get the good things which are yet to come your way.

It’s actually achievable to feel happy for others when something great is happening for them. Instead of letting the jealousy envelop you, learn from their accomplishments, ditch the comparison and bitterness.

That’s the only straight road to make the universe put a broad smile on your face too.

20. Spend More Time Being In the Present

Tomorrow is unknown and yet to come. Yesterday is gone and never returning. Well, unless like the ‘Time Traveler’s Wife’ you can move through time. If not, the present moment is all you have and it’s the most important in everyone’s life.

Stop reliving the past and stop wishing you were in someplace yesterday. Try being mindful, do the necessary corrections in the moments you have now and pay attention into living in the present.

Hope you enjoyed this list of 20 things to start doing for yourself. Don’t put them off, in fact make a print and start acting on them and see your life shine brighter.

Much love.


Thinsg to do for yourself

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34 Comments on 20 Things to Start Doing For Yourself Now

  1. On point. So good. Everything you said, yes yes yes. And I know I only do like three of them… definitely need to get better about thinking of myself and planning my life but also being in the present! Thank you for this!✨?

    • Yes love, sometimes we tend to forget ourselves in this journey called LIFE, forgetting we’re the ones living it. Regularly checking in on ourselves remains the priority.

    • Hi Deborah, I’m glad you love the tips. Most times our eyes tend to be closed to the beautiful things around us perhaps because they’re not extraordinarily huge or come in the manner we expect them, thereby blocking us from some level of happiness we would have been experiencing. Noticing and appreciating even the least of things in our lives brings beauty and happiness all around us.

  2. This is such a brilliant list! I need to improve on some of them, like learning to say no, and taking chances. Others, I’ve started doing recently, and you’re 100% right with their importance. I’ve been taking more breaks and being more open with how I feel, and it’s made a big difference. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love this list! I’m definitely guilty of all of these at least some point in my life. I’m particularly bad at #3. It’s so hard to say no to people. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. This post is uplifting. You made a lot of good points. I love how you demonstrate that happiness is determined within. The fact that you demonstrate that happiness can be achieved even when life is rough is powerful. I’m sure many people will appreciate this and find this useful.

    • So happy you love the post, Arteria. It really doesn’t take much to be happy as long as you have the trigger. It’s indeed the best gift you can give to yourself.

  5. I absolutely love this post! Great advice. I am an advocate for Self-Love & Self-Care and always remind my family, friends, readers and clients the importance of doing these simple things daily to live life fully. Thank you for sharing

    • So true, Alice but it’s doable unless you want to keep feeling miserable over an unworthy fellow that wronged you. One super powerful key that has never failed me is bearing in mind that I’m forgiving and letting go not because of the person that wronged me but because my happiness and peace of mind are very precious to me. Not forgiving keeps me down and gives the other person way too much power over me and such power is what I refuse to give.

    • Yes, learning to say NO helps especially when you are having problems sticking to your decision. it makes people take you more serious and that builds your self-confidence

  6. love love this post! self-care is the best thing we can do for yourselves, thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    xxEmma B

    • Thank you too, Emma, for reading. Self-care is the best relationship you can have with yourself because you are all you’ve got.

  7. “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.”- This thought gives me nightmares sometimes. There are so many things to do and I procrastinate a lot! Thanks for such a inspiring post. You’ve done a fabulous job.<3

    • Thaks Jheelam, I’m happy you liked the post. I had procastination as a problem, that’s why I used a scheduler to always help me through the day and achieve my daily to-do’s.

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