How To Get Unstuck in Life

Getting Unstuck in life

Do you feel at a place and “stuck” and you feel like you’re yet not in the position to make any life changes? Life is beautiful, why waste it just by the feeling of being stuck at a place? After graduating, I got a bank job at the e-channels department, in and out of the […] Read more…

quickly handle Toxic People

How To Quickly Handle Toxic People In Your Life

Often times, when we meet people who are full of positive energy; we are affected, one of the effects could be deep joy and happiness. Also, we can at some point in time, meet someone who can be negatively energized: who will resist, sabotage or threaten any slight possibility of personal growth. This kind of […] Read more…

Heart Break

What To Do When Your Heart Gets Broken

Have you had your heart broken by someone who actually means the world to you? Well, I’m sure you can relate this. Growing up, I built a wall around myself, no emotions whatsoever. I choose not to feel a thing, I was so afraid of being in a relationship because of my mum’s bad experience, […] Read more…


Achieving Happiness In Life

Happiness is hard to explain but I’m sure we’ve experienced it at some point in life. It is our right to be happy and to pursue happiness. Being happy and feeling fulfilled is the state we all want to be; in fact, we strive for happiness and to be happy. The truth is that it […] Read more…

20 Things to Start Doing For Yourself Now

  Sometimes you put your happiness and dreams on hold for another day, you ignore to nourish the most important relationship in life- the one you have with yourself. How often do you make yourself and happiness a priority? Or do you spend most of your time giving yourself to others, your work and other […] Read more…

negative mindset

How To Overcome Negative Mindset

The mind is one unique and powerful gift of God to man. I’m always amazed at how it works- one minute I have myself thinking, “Yeah, everything is going great! And the next, it’s like “Yikes, it isn’t, everything is falling apart” or “No, I don’t think I can do this.” With all the thoughts […] Read more…

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