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Effective Ways To Deal With Cruel Words

Cruel words possess great power with the potential to shove anybody into a downward spiral of self-doubt and destruction. They shame and burn you right down till nothing is left. So cruel, very mean, belittling, harsh, degrading, insulting, condescending, mocking and searing words that can cause blisters to your physical, emotional health and overall wellbeing. […]


9 Signs You Don’t Trust Your Partner

To some people trust is an easy commodity they can easily afford while to others, it’s pretty much the hardest. You sometimes get the nagging feeling that something is off about your relationship. At times, you might not know what it’s about but deep down, you just don’t trust your partner. Often people lack trust […]

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Reinvent Yourself As A Single Woman

Oh, I’m single and happy. I know there are so many ways people say it but as a single woman how would you describe yourself? Would you call it sad, boring or perhaps lonely? Well, to me, it’s comforting… And I’ll be the most terrible liar if I think I need a man to be […]