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Ways to Impress Your Man and Even Attract Him More

When you’ve decided he’s a keeper, you might want to go extra miles to attract and keep him. So it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time falling in love, or you’re in a long-term relationship but if you’re looking to excite and pique his interest, there are simple ways you can catch his eyes, […]


Habits That You Don’t Realize Make You Seem Mean

Consciously or unconsciously, the actions we take are what defines us. These actions could be out of habits from a daily life routine that has merged with our true person by constant practice. Some of these actions you don’t even know when you act by them. So, whatever they are, you don’t even see them. […]

Self Improvement

Tips To Boost And Improve Your Self Esteem

Sometimes, self-esteem is regarded as a myth because nobody understands the truth in it. But, the truth is that self-esteem is obtainable and it involves realizing your self-worth. Whatever you think you’re worth determines how you feel about yourself. And however you feel about yourself, whether you think highly of yourself, lowly, or in-between is […]

Weight Loss

Super Easy Bedtime Drinks To Lose Excess Weight

Trying to lose weight can be discouraging especially when you’re yet to see any result. That’s why I don’t try so hard so I don’t get overwhelmed and feel bad that I didn’t achieve my body goals  (that’s if I set any). I simply pledge to simple tips or any lazy hack for girls with […]

Health and Wellness

 Overcoming Stress and Overwhelm

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? If the answer is “Yes”, you’re not alone. Do you always find yourself in a position where you have so much to do yet you don’t know where to begin? I get that too. Being busy is just the default of today’s living. From the moment we get up […]


Getting Over Your First Time Love (In the right way)

What’s with the heart and falling deeply in love? Especially when it’s your first time? At first, you become scared because you feel like you’re risking your emotions. And at the same time, you feel really excited, safe and happy because you have found someone who cares about you and will support you no matter […]